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Friday, September 9, 2011

So you think we are decreasing poverty by raising people in China and India from poverty to middle class?

Interesting thought.

Go get you 253 fifty five gallon barrels that are clear.

Fill them full of the appropriate amount of colored water for each count according to the per capita gdp numbers.

For instance, the United States would be 46 gallons for 46,000.

China would be 7.1 gallons for 7,100

India would be 3.6 gallons for 3,600

And so on.

Make sure all of them are connected via pipes with valves that you can control.

Now open the valves from the United States to China and India.

Pay attention to the level in all three countries.

If you stop at this point we have raised people in China and India from poverty to middle class and we have lowered people in the United States into poverty, or should I say forced them into poverty.

But even I could understand what we are doing here to eradicate poverty.

Problem is, human nature does not work that way.

Ask Chris Ruffle

“We have been seeing wage inflation over the past several months,’’ said Chris Ruffle, who helps manage $19 billion as China co-chairman of Martin Currie Ltd. Rising salaries may prompt businesses that operate plants in China to move to lower-cost countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, Ruffle said.

Click here to read that article.

What will actually happen is once we have exhausted, or should I say raised and lowered the wages in each of the 253 countries, we will then move back to America because they are in poverty and we will continue the process.

Factoring in human nature again, you actually will see more stuff like this happening in every country in the World because as I wrote in your future – part 2 at the top of the page, you now have ticked off people in every country of the World that have spent their lives working to get into middle class only to be forced into poverty by people who think they are God.

Where will the revolution begin?

I have no idea.

Which is why I spend all my time trying to prevent it, because I don’t want to see it happen and I believe these three simple rules will prevent it.

  1. It is OK to grow, raise or manufacture your products here in America and sell them to other countries and the same applies to those countries.
  2. It is OK to open retail or manufacturing branches in other countries to offset the shipping problems as long as you hire the locals to work in those countries.
  3. It is NOT OK to put the people in your country out of work, send the growing, raising or manufacturing to another country and then import those products back into your country.

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