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Thursday, September 1, 2011

ROJS News writer Monica RW to be a guest on First Shift with Tony Trupiano 9/2 @ 7:00 AM EST

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Writer Monica RW of Reach Out Job Search News (ROJS News) Blog and Radio (ROJS Radio) will be a featured guest on local 1310 AM Progressive talk First Shift with Tony Trupiano show at 7:00 AM on Friday, September 2, 2011. She is excited and honored by the opportunity.
"I met Tony at the Stephanie Miller Show Tour After-party event a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned that he follows my blog Reach Out Job Search News," she stated. 
At the time, I had no idea that he would ask me later to come onto his popular show to discuss the news and opinion resource. Talk about honored, I was floored by the invite," Monica noted.
Reach Out Job Search News Blog was founded in April 2010. The blog focuses on providing a resource to help Michigan's longest-term unemployed, known as 99ers --job seekers who have exhausted all forms of state and federally based unemployment benefits-- advocate for governmental policies to promote job creation. It's estimated that up to 350,000 Michiganders or 15% of all jobless individuals have been seeking work for over two years.
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of Reach Out Job Search, Monica
"Life has definitely been hard for Michigan's jobless and 99ers. Prices for gas, food, even shelter keep going up and their disposable income continues to take a dip," Monica RW cited. 
"On top of all of this thanks to Gov. Rick Snyder, next years' unemployed job seekers will lose six weeks of state benefits, as he was the first Governor in the nation to drop the state jobless claims period from 26 to 20 weeks" she replied. 
"Yet, he and the super-majority Republican Legislature have yet to enact one program to help end the high unemployment rate in our state," she said.
Since Gov. Snyder has been in office, Michigan's unemployment rate has increased from 10.7% at the end of former Gov. Jennifer Granholm term, to 10.9% for August 2011. Additionally, Gov. Snyder is threatening adding to the states growing jobless rate, over 47,000 state governmental employees facing lay-off on October 1st if unions' don't agree on his demands to cut wages and benefits.
"I clearly remember during Rick Snyder's campaign, he said that his number one job, was to create jobs. Under his leadership, the unemployment rate has increased while he continues to give corporate welfare in the form of tax breaks to Michigan's C & S corporations, on the so-called promise to create jobs," Monica RW stated. 
"I continue to be baffled on where are the actual jobs?" she asked.
Monica RW plans on speaking about the state unemployment issues, the state of Michigan politics and more during her visit on First Shift with Tony Trupiano on Friday. 
"I am grateful for this opportunity to represent those who just want to return back to work in our great state on Tony's show," she stated.

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