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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican leaders reveal their true motives and working class job creation isn't included in the plans

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On the heels of the United States creating little to no actual jobs since the Republicans have had control of the House of Representatives, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) finally experienced a "tell the truth" moment. 

Media Manners reported on September 7th during press briefing that the Stale Dave Weigel, asked Rep. Eric Cantor why the Republicans focus on a  "cut and grow" plan hasn't panned out the way Republicans sold it, prior to be elected to office in November 2011. Leader Cantor answered Weigel's question by claiming Republicans have totally focused on the "cuts" side of the equation until now.
"We've been about cut and grow. The fact is, the last eight months plus, we've been about cuts. And that's why it is imperative that all of us join together, work with the president, to see how we can grow this economy," Canton stated. 
"That's why I welcome the president's speech tomorrow night, I welcome him to Richmond on Friday. I also think it's imperative in the spirit of trying to reach results, and stop impugning motive, and calling people out, and insinuating people are putting politics above country,", he replied.
Ironically, just after the dismal U.S. jobs report on September 2nd, Rep. Cantor claimed that the GOP focus since being elected to office was all about job creation and small business tax cuts.
"Millions upon millions of Americans remain out of work — some for far too long of a time — and we must work to foster an environment that makes it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and create jobs," he said.
"For the past eight months, House Republicans have been squarely focused on common sense proposals to create jobs and grow the economy," Cantor noted.
So, if we have it correct, originally the GOP focus was all about solving our nations' $14 trillion dollar debt crisis, by cutting and gutting every program available for our nations' working class, working poor and middle class Americans at the expense decreasing taxes at all cost for corporations. 

Now, since those strategic moves are receiving a "F" by the voting public --averaging a 13% approval rating for members in the House of Representatives-- the focus suddenly is now about jobs.

At least Majority Leader Cantor is opening one eye after being in a Koch-Funded, Tea Party based coma the last eight months.

But, in Michigan Republican Majority state House Speaker Jase Bolger (R-District 63) admitted in a little seen You Tube Clip from a "Town Hall Style" meeting in April of this year while flipping up his drink, that his focus on fixing the states' budget woes was never about job creation.

Looking at the unemployment numbers in Michigan, which was 10.7% in December 2010 when Fmr. Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) left office and is now sitting at 10.9% for July 2011, after seven months of GOP control of the state House, Senate and Governor offices it appears Rep. Bolger was correct.

Gov. Rick Snyder (R) who is in the middle of a statewide recall effort, signed a series of measures into law written in co-hoots state House Speaker Bolger. These series of laws have focused on the following grand job killing ideas.
In Michigan along with Gov. Snyder, up to 29 Republicans state House and Senate Representatives are either facing recall clarity petition approval hearings or in the middle of petition signature periods, of up to 180 days, after approval petition language by county election boards.

House of Representative leaders like Rep. Eric Cantor or other Republicans in the U.S. Senate can't be recalled, as it's not allowed within the framework of the United States Constitution.

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