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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rep. Hansen Clarke present idea for a federal Detroit Tax, to Council leaders

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U.S. Rep. Hansen Clarke
Collecting federal income tax on projects performed within the city of Detroit is one idea Congressman Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit) has to revitalize a beleaguer city budget. 

On Monday, September 27th, Representative Clarke appeared before Detroit City Council to encourage leaders’ support for his plan to budget federal income tax revenue collected in Detroit on Detroit projects.
“Help me return our federal dollars back to Detroit to create jobs in Detroit,” Clarke told city lawmakers in this morning meeting.
The plan proposal would for five years; budget income tax dollars paid by city residents into a special fund to pay eliminate city debt and improve public works projects, such as improving transportation infrastructure and employment training program. Rep. Clarke’s plan would require Detroit to eliminate its’ city income tax structure.
“The Congressional Budget Office conservatively estimated this would generate two billion dollars in new revenue for City of Detroit,” said Clarke during the meeting. “That would be enough to eliminate the city’s debt, the school system’s debt, and create jobs.”
Clarke noted that his plan has received bipartisan support in the Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives so far, due to the plan not requiring new funding sources or leveling a impact the federal budget bottom line.

“We don't need a bailout,” Clarke told Council. “All we need is the money we already pay to the federal government returned to us.”

Clarke, who stated he spoke with Mayor Bing (D) and the Mayor is reviewing the idea with city lawyers. The Detroit City Council will consider a resolution of support at next week’s formal meeting session.

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