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Friday, September 9, 2011

President Obama presented his Jobs Bill Proposal, what 99ers should demand to be included within the bill

An Reach Out Job Search Op/Ed

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This article will be somewhat of a confessional and present concrete suggestions on what the longest-term unemployed group, known as 99ers, should demand to see within President Barack Obama Jobs Bill Proposal.

Let's Beginning with a Lesson on Civics

To start this Op/Ed, a civic history lesson is warranted on how a bill is signed into law. What President Obama stated on the night of September 8th, was a series of proposals he would prefer to add, as individual amendments to the Jobs Bill. Next Congress, which is composed of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, will debate the President's Jobs Bill Proposal, drafting what's included in the "American Jobs Act".

President Obama used what is called the "Bully Pulpit" on Thursday, to inform the American populist why he would prefer to see his version of the "American Jobs Act" pass. 

As a society that his build on Democracy principles, the President is not the sole authority on what's included as the final meats and potatoes of a law. Instead, laws are written in Congress.  

The difference between Policy Proposals and Policy Amendments and, why its' important the 99ers act now

So, at this point, some might believe that Reach Out Job Search News don't support President Obama's Jobs Proposal package. That's would be incorrect, as a majority of the ideas Pres. Obama spoke about to a Joint Session of Congress on Thursday night would assist in the ultimate goal of returning the longest-term unemployed back to work, with a couple of important additions.

What are those additions or, a better term the amendments? Over the past two years, as a strong 99er advocate, we took our advocacy efforts to in Washington, D.C. February 2011 in support of Representative Barbara Lee's (D-CA) bill HR-589 "The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2011". This bill would add up to 14 weeks of jobless benefits to individual who have exhausted all forms of unemployment compensation federal base extensions.

This bill for over seven months, has been stuck in the Republican controlled House Ways and Means Committee.  Now is the time for 99ers to call their perspective U.S. Legislators in the House and Senate to demand HR-589 be included as a amendment, within President Obama's Jobs Proposal.

Another bill that died on the floor of the Senate to assist 99ers desiring to return back to work in 2010 was Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) measure called "The Americans Want to Work Act". 

Known as S. 3706, the measure would have offered employers up to a $2000 tax credit to hire the longest-term unemployed. Ironically, President Obama is now offering a similar version of this measure in his Jobs Proposal, by offering a $4000 credit to hire individuals who have been out of work for over six months.

For 99ers, long-term unemployed, Time to Make Real Demands for Job Creation Measures is Now

Large numbers of 99ers are expressing worry over if President Obama's Jobs Proposal, leaves them out to dry. Instead of engaging in worry and rumor mill, the time is now for a estimated 5 million 99ers to call their state U.S. Representatives and Senators, demanding that longest-term unemployed Americans have access to use the $4000 tax credit to assist employers with hiring employment seekers in President Obama Jobs Proposal.

Additionally, President Obama's Jobs Proposal addresses is the rampantly unfair employment discrimination against the long-term unemployed in our nation. Job seekers who are 99ers or receiving 54-99 weeks of Federal Unemployment Extensions, have been innocent victims to some employers discrimination tactics against anyone out of work for more than six months. 

This measure, if added to Pres. Obama final version of the "Americans Jobs Act" is critically important to address one of the key aspects to why our jobs crisis has last over three years.

The Long-Term Unemployed and 99ers Must Dismiss False Myths that they Only Want Unemployment Checks, Not Jobs, by Taking Action

As one of the original 99er advocates, as briefly detailed on local Progressive Talk First Shift with Tony Trupiano's show on September 2nd, I was laid off after over six years in the telecommunication field in early 2008. 

After spending more than two years searching for a full-time job and finding part-time employment opportunities, I became a 99er. In October 2009, I started writing articles to advocate about 99ers and long-term unemployed experiences at another resource. April 2010, we started Reach Out Job Search News Blog. 

A large majority of 99ers want one thing, a decent paying full-time job with medical benefits. The baseless belief among the informed few, is that 99ers want to collect a endless series of unemployment compensation checks. Who would want to go deeper into debt collecting 40% of their former wage? 

Those who believe this falsehood shines light on the deep divide between middle class Americans who still have jobs, the untruth's told by Republicans in the Congress. Under the leadership of Gov. Rick Snyder (R), Michigan Republican leadership was the first in the nation to play on into this divide, by cutting the number of state based jobless benefit compensation weeks in America's history, from 26 to 20 weeks. 

Political gamesmanship by Republicans add to the disconnect, from the truth, of up to 5 million people who want a fair opportunity to return back to work.

We are Americans and its' time to make Republicans "Hear Our ROAR"

Roadblocks or boulders, in the format of some Republican leadership, want to unemployment high and could care less jobless discrimination continuing right on until the 2012 elections. President Obama's speech before a joint session of Congress Thursday, proves that its' not in his long-term plan to see this sad and dangerous event continue to occur to 15 million job seeking Americans.  

What about the Republicans and particular Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)? Do they prefer that corporations continue to hoard billions of dollars in profits, instead of working to end America's Jobs Crisis?

Both Speaker Boenher and Rep. Cantor gave tempered responses to President Obama's Jobs Proposal.
"The proposals the President outlined tonight merit consideration," said Speaker Boehner in a statement. "We hope he gives serious consideration to our ideas as well," Boehner cited.
"Insisting that this body and the two sides here agree on everything is not a reasonable expectation," Cantor said on Thursday after President Obama's speech. 
"I feel, and have said so many times since the president's speech, that this is an opportunity for us to set aside the differences that we have, because good people can differ, and begin to focus on things like allowing for tax relief for small businesses, like allowing for the rollback of regulatory impediments that stand in the way of small business growth," he added.
Have you heard of the term "Make Them Hear Our Roar"? 

Along with calling Senator Stabenow and Representative Barbara Lee offices, 99ers and the long-term unemployed need to jam the phone lines, overtake the snail mail boxes and show up to any event that members of the Republican Congress have in their own state, and demand that they pass the "Americans Jobs Bill" in its' final format.

Ending Were We Begun this Op/Ed, With a Brief Civics Lesson and a Call for Action

Back to the civics lesson, without the assistance of Schoolhouse Rock. Laws are compromised within the House, ratified by the Senate and signed by the President, in most cases. The 112th U.S. House of Representative is controlled by the Republican party. 

Fifth-teen million long-term unemployed and 99ers aren't compromised of"clubs" made up of only citizens who trend to Democratic. A growing rank of individual,s who would describe themselves as Republican in nature, have been impacted by our nations' Jobs Crisis.

They also need to remind Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor and other Republican House members that their votes aren't a automatic guarantee in November 2012, unless their economic needs are addressed, by passing the final version of the "American Jobs Act".

Our hope is that this article is a call to arms, to pick up phones, fire up faxes, find their Facebook page, call Congressional offices, show up at "Town Hall Style" meetings, protest outside of state home offices and send snail mail to any U.S. Legislator that appears to oppose the "Americans Jobs Act" to play political games with you or your families economic future. 

The time for games is over and now, it's time for concrete actions to return America's Long-Term Unemployed in Michigan and Nationwide, back to work!
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