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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Occupy Wall Street movement gains supports nationwide; 90 protesters arrested in New York

Photo Credit-Occupy Wall Street Facebook
Protesters in New York, engaged in a
peace sit-in on September 21st in New
York City.
While the mainstream media continue to ignore stories of protesters Occupying New York's Wall Street area, actions to restore the American dream back to what's called the other 99 percent, continue to take place.

Known by the Twitter hash tags of #occupywallstreet or #occupy, over 13,000 members have joined forces in the social media world of Facebook. The protesters started action on September 17th and have continued to gather more interested parties, since the date. 

Photo Credit-Occupy Wall Street Facebook
Up to 90 protesters were arrested by
the NYPD on September 24th for charges
ranging from disorderly conduct to resisting
On September 25th, up to ninety participants were arrested by the New York Police Department for various charges ranging from disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

Pictures provided on social media sites reveal that some of the arrests lead to violent clashes between law enforcement and individual protesters.

Individuals occupying and camping though the night in areas from the New York's Stock Exchange through lower Manhattan, used a Livestream page named Global Revolution for video communication to events occurring on the ground.

Photo Credit-Occupy Wall Street Facebook
Calls of solidarity with Wall Street
Protesters formed in Madison, WI.
They stated the protests are ranging around a wide variety of issues from the federal tax funded bank bailouts, U.S. mortgage crisis, unemployment, treatment of veterans, environment concerns to Georgia's execution of Troy Davis last week.

Photo Credit-Occupy Chicago Facebook
Protesters took to the streets in
Chicago, IL in support of the Occupy
Wall Street movement.
Protesters calls for fairness among America's super-wealthy versus the middle and lower classes, are spreading across the country, as occupying protests took hold in U.S. cities of Chicago, Madison (WI) and Atlanta. 

Photo Credit-Occupy Michigan Facebook
A Michigan page calling for similar rallies at the capitol in Lansing and the states' largest city of Detroit, have been formed Facebook's social media site and has gained over 150 members in two days.

Reach Out Job Search Radio will devote our two hour live podcast on Sunday, September 25th @ 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM to cover "Occupy Wall Street" protests. 

Photo Credit-ROJSRadio
The show is encouraging participants that are either taking part with current activities in New York, other U.S. cities or the planning stages in Michigan to call into the show to share their stories. 

To contact with the live podcast or call in thoughts, opinions or ideas on the Occupy Rallies across America, contact 347-934-0185.

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