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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Medical Marijuana advocates protest in Lansing, as dispensaries close, A.G. Schuette recall language approved

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Weeks after a police crackdown raid day in Ann Arbor and an August 24th appeals court ruling showing a clear defiance of popular vote actions of Michiganders who passed a medical marijuana law in 2008State Attorney General (A.G.)Bill Schuette (R) continues to carry out a mission on outlawing sales at dispensaries statewide and in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Michigan Court of Appeals court decision on August 24th, ruled medical marijuana dispensaries were illegal and a public nuisance. After the ruling, on August 25th state law enforcement officials acting on behalf of Atty. General Schuette's orders, shut down a number of dispensaries operating around the Ann Arbor, Michigan community.
"(For) Michigan's 83 county prosecutors....the (state Appeals Court) ruling clearly empowers them to close dispensaries and provide instructions on how to file similar nuisance actions to close dispensaries in their own counties," Schuette's office wrote in a August 24th press release.
Ann Arbor officials’ estimated as many as 18 dispensaries -one of the largest numbers in amount of operations in the state- were operating in the city, serving thousands of patients. This has been changed in a dramatic fashion over the last two weeks, as city, federal and state law enforcement officials have raided all of the former dispensaries, with the exception of one.
"To my knowledge, all of them are shut down," said City Attorney Stephen Postema to Ann
He noted that the only remaining dispensary left in the city of Ann Arbor is the People's Choice Alternative Medicine on Main Street, but that is going to be short lived. 
 "We will be moving to close them down," Postema said. 
 "And the reason being, they are in an improperly zoned area and cannot operate there. The owner there is currently moving to evict them, I understand, this week. So we're letting that eviction process go forward," he cited.
Up to 1500 medical marijuana supporters ascended upon the Lansing, Michigan Capitol building on September 7th, opposing the Appeals Court Ruling. Its' estimated statewide 400-500 dispensaries have been shut down since the August 24th ruling.

Also banned as a part of Appeals Court ruling was what was known as patient-to-patient sales of the substance for up to 100,000 carriers of medical marijuana cards.

But, a medical marijuana advocate has won on his third try the right to circulate recall petitions against A.G. Bill Schuette, this morning.

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Midland resident Richard Clement
won in his third attempt to have
clarity language approved
to recall A.G. Schuette.

Now similar to Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder (R), Attorney General Schuette will face a recall effort in the upcoming months ahead.

On September 7th, a Midland County Election Commission voted 3 to 0 in favor of resident and member of Michigan’s Chapter of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, Richard, Clement, Sr. in his third attempt to have petition clarity language approval.

A.G. Schuette is a resident of Midland, Michigan. State law cites that clarity hearing on recall efforts must be held within an elected state official county of residence.
"I just didn't give up," Clement cited to The Saginaw News after the brief hearing. "There wasn't a lawyer’s only sign over the courtroom. The law is for the people, and no one should be afraid." 

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