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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just let them die, in Ron Paul's world for uninsured, as Tea Party cheers at GOP debate

Ron Paul               Image by via FlickrRepresentative and Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) believe the uninsured shouldfend for themselves in time of major medical illnesses.
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It take a sick, twisted mind to believe that American citizens should die with a major medical illness, because they are without insurance. For doctors, they take a Hippocratic Oath to in part "First, do no harm".

Lucky for millions of uninsured Americans, Republican President candidate Ron Paul (R-TX) is not their doctor. Sadly, a medical school in this nation felt awarded him with a medical degree, despite his belief if a United State citizen is uninsured, they should provide medical care for themselves. 

Yes, you read it correct, Ron Paul believes that if one happens to be a uninsured 300year old American in need of care for a life-threatening illness, they should come up with a way to treat themselves, or die?

If the situation with Presidential Candidate Ron Paul answer is bad, members of his "Tea-Party" views are downright un-American, on the boarder of treasonous and worst, exhibit signs of dangerous narcissism. This is the true nature of the party that have aligned themselves with in a symbolic "blood-pac" with the Republican Party.

During Monday, September 13, 2011 Republican Debate on CNN, Rep. Paul was specifically asked if an uninsured 30 year old has a serious accident, who would pay for treatment under your health plan?  Judging the tea-leaves from Rep. Paul  final answer about his "health-care" plan, if the victim was insured, he or she should die, quickly.

Ron Paul: That is what freedom is all about and taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to take care of everyone…

Moderator: But congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?

Ron Paul: (After Moment of questionable silence and audience members shouting YES) No, I practiced medicine before we had Medicaid.

So instead, people should die if they don't have Medicaid, right Rep. Paul. The "almighty" dollar rules before the Hippocratic Oath, right? These are people that claim to be Christians. Wonder his God shaking his head in shame after hearing this....

That's not all, more than one Tea Party supporter who filled the room where the Republican debate was staged, actually cheered YES loudly to Rep. Paul's last statement.

We're not making this up, unfortunately.

This is crazy talk, these are the individuals that want to takeover America's Democracy and "these people" make up the modern day version of the Republican Tea Party. 

If you are aInsured American's or you know of anyone without insurance, tell them they were warned of what will happen if "they" take over Washington, D.C. the Executive and Legislative branches of our government.

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