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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(EXCLUSIVE) Committee to Recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder vow to revamp efforts, if volunteers desire to go forward

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The Committee to Recall Gov.
Rick Snyder campaign falls
short in their attempt to
place a recall vote on the
ballot against the Govenor.
Campaign to recall Michigan Governor’s Rick Snyder (R) has fallen short of the 807,000 or 25% of the registered voters participating in the state’ November 3, 2011 election required to place a recall vote against the Governor on the February 2012 primary ballot.

The total registered voters’ signatures numbers received during the signature clarity period(s) is expected to be announced via press release in the next two weeks. 

Still, Recall Governor Rick Snyder and their efforts by the group thousands of volunteers have made a statement, that it’s possible try to recalling a sitting Michigan Governor during the states’ polarized political climate.

In Michigan history since 1837, no Governor has been successfully recalled. Nationwide historically, only two sitting Governors’ have been recalled.

Prior to California's 2003 gubernatorial recall election, which was successful against Gray Davis (D), the only successful recall of a governor to date took place in North Dakota in 1921, when voters removed from office Governor Lynn J. Frazier (R).

A Michigan recall attempt against former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) in 2009 received clarity language petition approval, and then quickly died prior to the 90 day signature collection stage.

In 1991, leaders of a petition to recall Gov. John Engler turned in 641,142 signatures to the Secretary of State office for validation. Over 50,000 of the signatures turned in, were found to be invalid, thus a recall vote was not placed on the ballot, against the former Governor.

Placing recall votes on the ballot in Michigan have measure of success with localization. State Treasurer under Gov. Snyder’s administration, Andy Dillion (D), had a successful recall signature campaign launched during his tenure as Michigan’s Speaker of the House of Representatives position in 2008. Dillon, then Redford Township Democrat, survived the recall election vote by 2-1 margin.

On Michigan Republican February 2012 primary ballot, Representative Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) will face an upcoming recall vote. The effort backed by Michigan Educational Association was successful in collecting over 12,000 or 25% of the total registered voters’ who participated during the November 3, 2011 mid-year election in Michigan’s House 51st District, required by state recall law procedures.

Going against long odds, the Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder- Chairperson Marion Townsend, in an exclusive interview with ROJSNews, thanked efforts of participants in the grassroots all-volunteer campaign who received little support from state unions’.
“We’re not going to make the recall number required to place a vote for or against Gov. Snyder term in office, on February’s primary ballot,” Townsend stated.

“We had volunteers in all of Michigan’s 83 counties. Whether our volunteers, collected one signature, one hundred signatures or a thousand, their worked counted and was highly appreciated. Every single volunteer was wonderful. They were amazing,” she cited.
Its’ estimated that grassroots committee raised only $23,907, according to their “Act Blue” page during the statewide signature petition campaign against Gov. Snyder.

With such low fundraising numbers, the organization wasn’t able to place radio or television advertising necessary for communications to reach as estimated 7.4 Million registered voters’, according to the latest data from Michigan’s Secretary of State office during 2008 general election.
“For us, to have gotten as far we did, with minimum expense, surprised many people,” Townsend stated.  
“Recalling a governor nationally has only been done twice since the birth of the United States. What we accomplished in Michigan has made many people understand that it’s possible”, she cited.
State recall procedures don’t prohibit the Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder or another ad-hoc organization making another attempt to remove Snyder from office. Notwithstanding any future recall attempts, according to state recall law, must take place six months prior to next Michigan’s Gubernatorial election on November 4, 2014.

Townsend cited if volunteers were willing to make another try to recall Governor Snyder, the committee would be willing to take forward efforts again, only after for allowing the time necessary to improve organizational operations.
“There has been talk of this (another campaign to recall Gov. Snyder). If our volunteers want to take this effort forward, we would support it,” Townsend cited. "But, if we are going to do this again, we’ll have to correct any mistakes during the first recall attempt campaign.”
Lesson learned from the grassroots committee first effort to recall Gov. Snyder include improving communications and pacing the signature clarity language approval attempts with Washtenaw County Elections Commission, after taking appropriate time gather robust organizational support, Townsend stated.
“The plan would be to put things in place ahead of time to eliminate any missteps. Take the proper time to organize the proper support. Michigan’s recall clarity period is 90 days, is very fast pace,” Townsend cited. 
“Money and proper organization before-hand is the key to achieving success on a campaign to recall any Governor in Michigan or nationwide. Once we were to have all of these important steps in place, we would re-approach unionized groups to gain their backing for any future efforts,” she stated.
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