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Friday, August 19, 2011

Why can’t CNBC and the Corporate CEO’s understand this simple concept?

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I’m going to keep this as short and simple as I can so that you can understand it.
When you put 23 percent of America out of work by sending their job offshore.
You take 40 million jobs times a median income of 46,000 dollars which means you took 1 Trillion 840 Billion dollars of purchasing power out of the American economy.
Now supposedly you will create 4 jobs in India or China for every one you destroyed here in America, which means that you have now created 160 million middle class jobs in China or India.
Now the median wage in China is about 7,000 dollars while the median wage in India is about 3,000 dollars.
We will use China since it is the higher wage country.
We can now multiply 160 million jobs times 7,000 dollars which means we have now added 1 Trillion 120 Billion dollars to the Chinese Economy.
So to keep it simple, we take 1 Trillion 840 Billion from America and create 1 Trillion 120 Billion in China.
Yet overall, we lost 720 Billion from the economy of both countries.
Why can’t CNBC understand that?
Now for all of you corporate executives and politicians out there.
Your damned free trade agreements are destroying the economy of the World, not to mention the people in each country.
Cowboy up and do the right thing for all of our countries by implementing the following three simple rules:
  1. It is OK to grow, raise or manufacture your products here in America and sell them to other countries and the same applies to those countries.
  2. It is OK to open retail or manufacturing branches in other countries to offset the shipping problems as long as you hire the locals to work in those countries.
  3. It is NOT OK to put the people in your country out of work, send the growing, raising or manufacturing to another country and then import those products back into your country.
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