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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SPECIAL SHOW-Wisconsin Results Will Democracy ever prevail 08/10 by Reach Out Job Search Radio | Blog Talk Radio

SPECIAL SHOW-Wisconsin Results Will Democracy ever prevail 08/10 by Reach Out Job Search Radio | Blog Talk Radio Tonights' SPECIAL SHOW podcast link starting at 6:00 PM EST. Bookmark it!

Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin?

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Another election, another result that leads a question can True Democracy ever prevail in American elections, when deep money pockets are allowed to influence results.
Out of six individual attempts to recall Republican state Senators on August 9th, only two races, Jennifer Shilling (D) and Jessica King (D) managed to gain seats.

The two wins on behalf of Democratic candidates leaves the Wisconsin Senate Chamber in the hands of Republicans and Gov. Scott Walker's Koch funded agenda.

In one of the races, Sandy Pasch (D) versus Gov. Walker's right hand woman state Senator Alberta Darling (R), it came down to votes held until the wee hours of the night again by Waukesha County, WI Clerk Kathy Nickoluas (R).

What are your thoughts about Wisconsin's election results? Should Clerk Nickoluas be subject to Federal Justice Dept. investigation? Should the focus be off of Wisconsin and on the grassroots efforts to Recall Gov. Rick Snyder and Public Act # 4 in Michigan, instead?

Host Monica R-W is a owner/writer for the popular ROJS News website, she brings her Indpendent voice to the issues of the today.

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