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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A second recall clarity hearing scheduled August 15th, against state Senator Rebekah Warren

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A second recall attempt clarity hearing
will take place against state Senator
Rebekah Warren (D), on August 15th.
If at first, one does not succeed, try again. This is the nature of a new recall petition attempt, filed against state Senator Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor) for the second time in 13 days.

Ann reports Ypsilanti resident and Attorney David H. Raaflaub filed the recall petition language with the County Election Commission on August 1st.

Raabflaub’s reasoning behind requesting a second clarity hearing to gather signatures, in an effort to Recall Senator Warren, is based on her ‘’no” vote on Michigan House Bill 4362.
"Michigan House Bill 4362 eliminates the job killing Michigan Business Tax; however, on May 12, 2011, State Senator Rebekah Warren voted no on final passage of Michigan House Bill 4362," Raaflaub cited on his request for a clarity hearing.
The Washtenaw County Election Commission will meet at 2:30PM, Monday, August 15th at 200 N. Main Street holding two a clarity review hearings for the recall language submitted against Warren, as well as an additional recall a clarity language approval attempt submitted against Washtenaw Community College Trustee Pamela Horiszny.

On July 19th in a 2-1 vote, the commission decided the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus effort headed by Ypsilanti Township resident Steven Wallis, recall language was unclear. The lone affirming vote was from Washtenaw County Clerk Larry Kestenbaum (D), with rejection votes casted on behalf of County Treasurer Catherine McClary (D) and Judge Donald Shelton (D).

State Sen. Warren won her first term in the Michigan 18th senatorial district in November 2010, with an over 60% majority margin. Its' unknown if the recall language is approved by a second clarity hearing that Raaflaub’s or organizations assisting him in his effort, will gather enough registered voter signatures in Washtenaw County, required to place a recall vote of Sen. Warren by February 2012 primary elections.

In July, Sen. Warren issued this statement on the first failed attempt to recall her and clarified the “no” vote on Michigan House Bill 4362.
“The truth is the legislation in question did not eliminate the Michigan Business Tax, but rather shifted a tremendous tax burden onto Michigan’s working families and seniors, gutting the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit, eliminating critical tax incentives for our homeless shelters and food banks, and implementing a three-tiered pension tax that many retirees are struggling to adjust to," Warren then said.  
"Quite simply, this vote balanced the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens in order to fund a $2 billion tax break for businesses."
Obtaining petition language approval is the first step in a recall process. If approved, supporters of the recall would have 180 days to collect about 25,000 signatures from voters. Similar to the efforts to Recall Governor Rick Snyder (R), Michigan Recall Procedures only allow registered voters signatures on any recall petition validity, for 90 days.

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