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Monday, August 8, 2011

Michigan Democratic Party files violation against Gov. Snyder administration for campaign finance laws

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Michigan Democratic Party announced on their website filing a complaint with the Department of State (Secretary of State) against Governor Rick Snyder (R) administration for violating Michigan’s campaign finance laws, on August 8th. 
Investigation of the complaint will be the responsibility of Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson (R).
On July 28th, Michigan's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development posted on its taxpayer-funded website, a link to the facebook page of “Rick Snyder for Michigan” – the candidate committee of Governor Rick Snyder. According to the Secretary of State, “Rick Snyder for Michigan” is an active candidate committee. The illegal campaign finance posting has since removed.

“Does this administration think it’s above the law?,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer asked. “First we have Governor’s Snyder’s staffer sending fundraising emails with state resources, and now we have a state department promoting a campaign website. What’s next, opening up a campaign headquarters in the Romney Building?” Brewer questioned.
“The Department of State needs to take these violations seriously and thoroughly investigate,” added Brewer. “Blatant violations of campaign finance laws will not be tolerated by the people of Michigan. This administration may want to think about a quick refresher course when it comes to Michigan law,” he cited
Ironically, this is not the first time Gov. Snyder’s office admitted to violating the law. Previously, this year Snyder's administration had to apologize for sending out a fundraising email on behalf of Grand Traverse County Republican Party. A spokesperson for Governor Snyder called the violation, “a serious lack of judgment.” 
A copy Michigan Democratic Party via Chair Brewer complaint is linked here.

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