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Sunday, August 28, 2011

How much would you pay for water during Hurricane Irene? Best Buy says $40.56

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Photo Credit-The Chive
When shopping at Best Buy, the stores are usually full of electronics like I-Pads, MP3's, Headphones, Plasma TV, Computers, Printers and Cameras. 

On my visits to Best Buy, one item that I have never seen at the retailer is cases of bottle water. Particularly in the form of 24 or 12 cases packs. 

If one was to purchase a individual bottle soda or water inside one of Best Buy's price-gouging coolers in the registers, a customer might pay $2.50-$3.50 for a product that they could purchase for a $1.25 a bottle, at a store around the corner. Still a bottle of water of $3.50 although inflationary for no reason at all, is a choice of the customer to purchase that price.

But, what about in the case of media hyped as the Storm of the Century for the East Coast, formerly known as Hurricane Irene? Should a case of water cost $40.56 in a storm?

Someone at Best Buy thought so. The Chive reported that a Best Buy location in the Best Buy #1137 in Howell, NJ took price-gouging to a new level and decided sell cases of water for $40.56, when a similar case of water would cost about $4.00.

Looking to the left, the 12 pack of Smart Water --one of my favorite bottle drinks by the way-- would have costed a Best Buy customer $23.88. At least in this case, Best Buy wasn't to far off the mark, as of the normal case water could be purchased at $19.99.

We don't know....should this picture be called "Capitalism at Work" or "Horrible Business Practices". You decide.

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