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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gov. Rick Snyder approval rating keeps falling; 30K college students food assistance end Oct 1st

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An overwhelming majority of Michigan voters are expressing their firm disagreement with Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder (R); nearly tiding Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) for the worse approval rating in the country, at 32%.

The poll released by Michigan State University on August 5th, highlighted that Gov. Snyder an astounding 13 points in approval by state registered voters since the educational institution poll resulted in Gov. Snyder receiving 45% approval rating, during the first three months of his term.

Worst for Gov. Snyder, 69% of poll respondents gave him a negative job rating, resulting from a survey of 947 residents. Additionally, only 47% of Michigan voters felt as if the governors’ current policies will result in their personal situations being better off, one year from now.
There's this underlying jitteriness that I perceive is showing up,” said Michigan State economics professor Charles Ballard said to the Detroit News.
Sixty-six percent who characterized themselves as Republicans gave Snyder a job rating of "excellent" or "good," compared only 27% of independents and abysmal 15% of Democrats. Forty-one percent who characterized themselves as "other" gave him a positive rating.

In a state of cognitive dissonance, Gov. Snyder continues to believe that in spite of widely disappointing poll numbers, the people of Michigan stands behind his policies.
"Change is difficult for people, but overall, the average Michigander is supporting what we're doing,” Snyder cited to the Detroit News on August 4th."They may not like everything, but overall, they appreciate what's going on and we're going to keep moving forward," he said.
Meanwhile, changes that Gov. Snyder believes their push forward with the removal of 30,000 Michigan college students off of food assistance programs come October 1st

This action marks the second round of state residents that the Snyder administration will end the Michigan Bridge Card program for on the same day, as 12,000 women and children face similar actions October 1st totaling 42,000 individuals in total.

Cutting off the students is part of what Corrigan says is an effort to change the culture of the state's welfare department and slash tens of millions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse.
"Maybe (students) could go get a part-time job — that's what I did," said Corrigan, a former justice of the Michigan Supreme Court who attended Detroit's Marygrove College and University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.  
"We want to encourage people to be self-sufficient, not to be dependent on the government," she said in an interview with The Detroit News.
Michigan unemployment rate has increased each month since Gov. Rick Snyder was sworn into office in January 2011, and current stands at 10.5%

Snyder's predecessor, Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, had a 58% approval rating early in her first term in 2003. The telephone survey by Michigan State University had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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Anonymous said...

I feel that as a voter and taxpayer that this will be a negative turn for the state and a greedy move for the government to make when they are thinkin about building a bridge to Canada for more than twice the amount of the cost to feed families and students. There's a lack of employment, a lack of unemployment. What are people supposed to do if they can't find a job? It would almost be better to take those benefits and transfer them to another state, But this wouldn't fix the budget as cutting off foodstamps wouldn't either. As 29 y/o citizen am I to feel safe with this pending in the future? Thinking logically, it would probably be better to move to a state that has the best interest of the people at heart.

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