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Monday, August 22, 2011

CNBC, will you step up to the plate and take this challenge?

Here is my challenge to you and the mainstream financial media.
Feel free to utilize any data that shows how many people make more and make less than the median wage of their country.
Any data, and any resources.
Feel free to call in any favors that are owed to you.
Because you are going to need them.
Because you can not beat this challenge, and I’m very comfortable making that statement.
Since I’m destitute because of your cheerleading for globalization, I will only owe you a bottle of turkey 101, which of course we will share with some water as a toast IF you can beat me.
Here is your challenge.
Are you ready?
There are 4 articles on the right hand side in a box titled “Let me show you why the economy will get worse”
Your challenge is to disprove them.
Feel free to utilize the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Barrons, Forbes..
Any of them.
Hell, feel free to utilize the crooks that Murdoch hired to tap my cell phone if that will help your case.
Bring on your best cloak and dagger.
As Picard would say, make it happen #1
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