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Monday, August 22, 2011

Central Michigan University staff on strike; student classes are not impacted

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Central Michigan University Facility has voted to go on strike on Sunday, August 21st but, student classes aren’t going to be impacted as staff is expected to go into work on Monday, August 29th.

Central Michigan University has issued the following statement in regard to the strike:
Central Michigan University is disappointed that members of the CMU Faculty Association have voted to engage in an illegal work stoppage. This action creates an unfair disruption to the start of the academic year for CMU’s students. 
CMU students should report for classes Monday and staff should report for work. CMU’s 439 fixed term faculty and 591 graduate assistants will still hold classes as scheduled.
The impact of the FA’s action places an unfair burden on students who want to graduate in a timely fashion, pursue graduate school or launch successful careers.
 As such, CMU will request a court injunction Monday to get the faculty back in the classroom.
CMU remains committed to working with the FA toward a contract that is fair and equitable to all parties. CMU and the FA have both petitioned for fact finding, which is the appropriate process to follow in coming to terms on a collective bargaining agreement.

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