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Monday, August 22, 2011

Back in session from a taxpayer funded recess, Michigan Republicans set to cut assistance programs to women, children

Michigan State Capitol with a statue of Austin...Image via Wikipedia
Michigan Legislature returns back to work in
the Lansing, Michigan Capitol Building, set
to cut 12,600 women and children off of state
assistance programs.

Michigan Legislature, back from its’ near month tax payer funded August recess is expected to be back in session, starting today. 

One of the first with votes possible includes kicking 12,600 women and children off of the state assistance rolls come October 1st, including 30,000 college students receiving bridge card food assistance.

Ironically, as the Republican Super-Majorities in the state House and Senate set to dismantle the last line of assistance for some families, on August 18th, Michigan Unemployment Rate rose for the fourth time in six months to 10.9%.

On the heels of financing $1.5 billion dollars worth of tax cuts to Michigan richest C and S corporations at the expense of the poorest state citizens in May 2011 signed additional Governor Rick Snyder (R) draconian cuts to Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit. The credit dropped from a maximum $250.00 per family, to only $25.00 per child with a maximum of $50.00, regardless of the number of children Michigan within the home. 

Lawmakers votes this week will likely include demanding a stricter, four-year lifetime limit on receiving welfare benefits. The limit already has been approved as part of the state budget that kicks in October 1st, but Republican lawmakers plan to put the cap an entirely separate Public Act law itself..

Michigan already has a four-year cap on welfare benefits but the new version of the limit would little to no exceptions to the law except in the case of recipients with severe disabilities.

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