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Sunday, July 31, 2011

'We Are Wisconsin' regional office in La Crosse fire, just 10 days prior to recall elections, cause unknown

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A fire of unknown causes occurred on
Saturday at the We Are Wisconsin
regional offices in La Cross, 10 days shy
of the first of many statewide recall
We Are Wisconsin regional offices in La Crosse, Wisconsin were destroyed on Saturday after a fire, 10 days prior to recall elections occurring against a number of Republican state legislators. 

The union-based political action committee We Are Wisconsin has raised millions of dollars supporting to Democratic candidates, to replace Wisconsin Republican leaders, placed in office during 2010 state-wide elections.

Wisconsin’s La Crosse Tribune cited that the cause of the fire, which started at about 9:30AM on Saturday, remains unknown. Firefighters believed that they had the blaze under control in the afternoon but, remnants of the fire continued to burn into the evening, the newspaper reported.

The location at 432 Jay Street in La Cross, purpose was to manage the 32nd Senate District recall election, which will be held August 9th. Incumbent Republican state Senate Dan Kapanke is being challenged to be replaced by Democratic state Representative Jennifer Shilling.

A spokesman for the group told the La Crosse Tribune that the group's office was a total loss.

In the 32nd District, the group has spent about $400,000 of a total of 2 Million raised state-wide, in a effort for Rep. Shilling to win Sen. Kapanke seat, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

Another one of We Are Wisconsin’s active recall effort is the 8th Senate District recall race between incumbent Republican Alberta Darling and Democratic challenger Sandy Pasch. In that Milwaukee-area race, We Are Wisconsin has spent at least $570,000 to gain Pasch the seat.

Throughout Saturday, residents and those concerned about the We Are Wisconsin recall efforts made various posts to Twitter and calling the fire "suspicious". However, fire officials haven't yet determined the cause of the blaze, according to local media reports.

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