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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Up to 400 entry-level workers to be added at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne

Ford Motor Company of ArgentinaImage via Wikipedia
Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers,
Local 900, have tentatively agreed to hire up to 400
entry-level employees at Michigan Assembly Plant.

Ford and the United Auto Workers, Local 900, have worked on a tentative agreement  400 entry-level workers at its idled assembly plant in Wayne Michigan.

The newly hired employees would  to support Focus construction at a nearby Michigan Assembly Plantthe Detroit Free Press reported on July 14.
“It is rather groundbreaking,” said Bill Johnson, plant chairman for UAW Local 900 told the Free Press. “We opened the door with that entry-level wage, and I hope we can put 400 to 600 workers in that plant.”

The work could include the assembly of instrument panels, seats, stampings, sub-assemblies, and parts packaging and sequencing, according letter from Ford to the UAW obtain by the Free Press on March 2011.Ford agreed to add the jobs, the letter says, “if it is established that certain work can be performed competitively.”

The agreement will assist with adding production to fill the idled Ford’s Wayne Assembly Plant, as the was left without a product earlier this year when more than 3,000 workers moved next door to make the redesigned Ford Focus at the renovated Michigan Assembly Plant.

Workers hired at the Wayne Assembly will earn a starting wage of about $15.51 per hour, Johnson told the Free Press.

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