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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank you readers for helping us hit over 200,000 page views, at Reach Out Job Search News Blog

Reach Out Job Search News blog
thanks our readers for helping the
news resource to receive over 200K
page views in the first year.
Thank you readers of our Reach Out Job Search News Blog for supporting this Independent News resource over the past year. 

Today, our news resource was honored to receive our 200,000th lifetime page view. At the time of this article publishing, Reach Out Job Search News has 200,097 views since July 2010.

We will quickly overview our growth efforts the over the past year.

The domain name Reach Out Job purchased in one year ago. Originally this blog primarily focused on job search, unemployment and career articles.

In October 2010, we branched out hosting Reach Out Job Search Radio show, a weekly live podcast on one of the largest online network, Blog Talk Radio. During the live podcast segments, we have interviewed career experts, CEO's political candidates for local offices, leaders in the community and more. 

With over 60K live and archived listens during the past ten months, Reach Out Job Search Radio brand continues on a sound path of growth.

At the Reach Out Job Search Blog, we have written important stories during the past year, including:
  1. Post the first picture of the suspect in Representative Gabrielle Grifford (D-AZ) shooting
  2. Reporting from "on-the-ground" in Washington, D.C. about the announcement of bill HR-589
  3. Highlighted details of anchor Keith Olbermann resignation from MSNBC to his current Chief Executive News Officer spot at CurrentTV.
  4. Obtained exclusive quotes on S.3706-the former "Americans Want to Work Act" sponsored by Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)
  5. Wrote a series of articles on factors impacting the long-term unemployed, 99ers
  6. Covered the early stages of grassroots effort to recall Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI)
  7. Covered kick-off campaign to repeal the Emergency Financial Manager bill, known as Public Act #4.
  8. Obtained a exclusive interview with Marion Townsend Chairwoman for the Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder, setting the record straight on administrative actions of the organization.
We have enjoyed bringing both non-corporatism, Independent based stories on Michigan and National politics to our readers over the past year. Our long-term goal is to continue these actions, by expanding our writing staff over the next twelve months.

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