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Friday, July 8, 2011

Recap-Reach Out Job Search Radio Show July 7th on the Blog Talk Radio Network

Photo Credit-ROJS Podcast
Hosts MonicaRW &Tim S.
debated on July 7th podcast the
latest national and Michigan
based headlines of the day.
Reach Out Job Search Podcast, hosted weekly on the Blog Talk Radio network, aired an its' show July 7th. 

Hosts Monica RW and Tim S. debated and contrasted news headlines subjects including the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial, President Obama negotiations with Congressional Republicans on hitting the national debt ceiling this August, Michigan's grassroots campaign to recall Governor Rick Snyder (R) and the impact of the states' recently passed law, Public Act-4.

Both Tim S. and Monica RW agreed that if President Obama allows cuts to the federal staples of Social Security and Medicare -both programs that were started by previous Democratic Presidents Roosevelt and Johnson- he would be risking his re-election changes. 

Monica RW cited that she believes a large number of Democrat and Independent voters for the upcoming November 2012 election, would question if Obama is the right leader for the country, if he allow cuts in either of the programs.

For the recall campaign against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) Co-Tim S. pointed out the importance on why Snyder's policies are misaligned for Michigan future. Specifically, Tim S. questioned Snyder cuts to the states public schools in matching revenue to the tune of just $300 per pupil and the 1.5 billion dollar tax cut to C/S corporations while raising taxes on Michigan's working and retired citizens

Public Act-4 is known as the Emergency Financial Law in Michigan. Signed by Governor Rick Snyder after being passed by the super-majority in the states' House and Senate, the bill has presented a point of contention in Michigan political circles and with the public-at-large. 

A non-profit group called Michigan Forward has launched a campaign to add a state based Constitutional Referendum for citizens to vote up or down the validity of the law, on the November 2011 ballot. 

In just, within Public Act-4, Governor Snyder as the sole authority to appoint what is called a "Emergency Financial Manager" (EFM) to any city, village, county or school board that he deems in "financial crisis". 

The EFM would be paid out of public tax dollars up to $400,000 to control all operational financial manners for the entity and can upon their determination, take away the power of an elected body to incorporate laws for the city, village, county or school board.

Co-Host Tim S. during Reach Out Job Search podcast, which aired lived on July 7th at 9:00 PM EST, questioned if the law itself is in line with Michigan Constitution and are legal authorities pursuing this angle to defeat Public Act-4

Host Monica RW agreed with Tim S. and pointed out the states' Home Rules Cities Act which notes in part that "Local governments could no longer be created, abolished, or consolidated without the consent of the electors who reside within the affected territory". 

One of the last topics of discussion on the podcast was the outcome Casey Anthony case out of Florida. Host Monica RW questioned how the jurors in the case couldn't find Anthony guilty of at least Manslaughter, while co-host Tim S. vigilantly debated the case for a first degree murder charge. 

Two callers named, Mr. X. and Chaplin Steve, added the Anthony case and President Obama negotiation on the National Debt ceiling, with Tim S. and Monica RW.

Listen to the entire show on the Blog Talk Radio network or on podcast resources I-Tunes and Brubrry. Reach Out Job Search weekly podcast will be moving to a NEW TIME, 8PM EST on Thursday evenings starting July 14, 2011. 

For non-profits, businesses and other entities seeking to sponsor Reach Out Job Search Radio growing Michigan based groundbreaking political and job search based podcast, contact for more information.

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