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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pres. Obama addresses debt ceiling debate; Speaker Boehner lies, questions his leadership abilities

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In a nationwide speech before this evening, President Barack Obama cited the "partisan three-ring circus" in the nation's capital taking place in Washington, D.C. over continuing debt ceiling debate.
“This is no way to run the greatest county on earth.” President Obama stated.
While criticizing recently U.S. Republican controlled House plan called “Cut, Cap and Balance”, the President says it doesn’t address revenue inequalities in the nations’ tax structure. 

To avert an unprecedented government default on August 2nd, President Obama called for to Congressional leaders to produce a reasonable balanced compromise that reaches his desk before the deadline.
"Despite our disagreements, I am confident that we can reach this compromise," Pres. Obama stated.
"American people might have voted for divided government but they didn't vote for a dysfunctional government,” Pres. Obama noted in his speech. We cannot allow the American people to collateral damage in Washington, D.C. warfare,” he cited.
In a counter-reaction to the President speech, Speaker of the House John Boehner lied about the heavy-Majority Republican passed bill on Cut, Cap and Balance, was a bi-partisan passed bill.
"I want you to know I made a sincere effort to work with the President." Speaker Boehner cited. "The President would not take yes for an answer," he noted.
Political pundit and former speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter, Chris Matthews, quickly called Speaker Boehner out on the propagandized statement on his MSNBC Hardball program shortly, after his speech.
"Only five Democrats out of 180 voted for the GOP voted for cut, cap and balance plan, Matthew stated. “That is not bi-partisan and the Speaker lied to the American people."
Speaker Boehner was quick to point out, during his speech that there was no ‘stalemate’ in the negotiations with President Obama to reach a deal on the debt ceiling and when as call the deficit crisis "Obama's Deficit".
“There is no stalemate here in Congress,” Boehner said.
But, head of the House Tea Party Caucus Joe Walsh (R-IL) disagreed with his own Speaker on MSNBC Lawrence O’ Donnell’s program this evening, when the program host asked if a stalemate existed with the President’s proposals reach a deficit agreement.
“There is a stalemate,” Walsh cited.
Washington, D.C. reporter Jill Jackson cited Speaker Boehner questioning his own leadership abilities, after leaving the Capitol Building after his speech with this tweet. 
"I didn't sign up for going mano-a-mano with the President of the United States" Jackson cited Boehner.

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