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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poll: Michigan voters overwhelmingly reject Emergency Financial Manager law; Gov. Snyder approval rating 34%

Rick SnyderImage via Wikipedia
A majority of Michigan registered
voters reject Gov. Snyder's enacted
Emergency Financial Manager Law,
known as Public Act #4.

According to an article on the Michigan Messenger, an overwhelming majority of Michigan voters reject Gov. Rick Snyder’s law to takeover state governmental bodies and school boards; and would vote to repeal the state’s Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) Law  –known as Public Act #4- if given the opportunity.

The poll, conducted by EPIC/MRA surveyed 600 likely voters between July 9-11, found that a 53-34% majority would reject the law, that independent voters would reject it by 58-29 percent, and that 60 percent of Northern Michigan voters would overturn it.

EPIC/MRA poll found that the law more support among Republicans and supporters of Gov. Snyder,but overall registered voters opposition was strong.

Among Democrats, 69% said they would vote to reject the law with only 22% stating they would vote to keep it. Among independents, support for the law was 29%, while those opposing the law were in the double digits at 58%.

For those who disapproved of Mr. Snyder’s job performance, a dismissal 19% said they would vote to keep the law while a mammoth majority of 70%, said they would vote to repeal it.

Opposition to the EFM law in was found in both union and non-union households, by the polling company.

A non-profit group named Michigan Forward, headed by CEO Brandon Jessup, is leading an effort to place a statewide Constitution Referendum on the ballot to vote up or down the EFM law. The group needs 161,304 signatures in order to put the measure to a vote of the people.

In the same poll, Gov, Snyder approval rating, has not improved by much over the 33% last reported here on Reach Out Job Search News

Snyder only received a .1% increase over in the statewide poll rating his seven month term,  so far, in office with 34% giving the Governor an excellent or pretty good rating. A majority of voters, 57% believes Snyder has done either a fair or poor job as Governor of Michigan.

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