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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Op/Ed: The Last Word host Lawrence O' Donnell bans Rep. Joe Walsh; video of the day

Joe Walsh   Image by Gage Skidmore FlickrDeadbeat Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) who owes more than $117,000 in child support to this children, has been banned from appearing MSNBC's host of The Last Word, Lawrence O' Donnell's program, until he pays what his obligations.
A Reach Out Job Search News Op/Ed

Our video of the day is ever-so-beautifully summed up by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on his "The Last Word" program on July 29th. 

As reported on Reach Out Job Search news on July 28th, Tea Party Caucus member Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), was revealed to owe his three children over $100,000 dollars in child support.

Laura Walsh, the ex-wife of Rep.Walsh has sued Rep. Walsh for more than $117,000 unpaid child support and interest. This story originally broke to the media though the Chicago Sun-Times reporting that Ms. Walsh filed the claim in December in their divorce case.

His ex-wife’s lawyers rightfully noted in their counteraction, a 'comfortable' lifestyle of Congressman Walsh by taking abundance of vacations starting in 2004 with his then girlfriend and even a $35,000 personal loan to his own campaign; as signs that his claims of poverty aren’t nearly what he is making them out to be.

Rep. Walsh has been outspoken against any tax increases on wealthy individuals during debt showdown between GOP lawmakers and the White House.

Until Rep. Walsh pays his child support owed, with some of the income he earns U.S. Congress-person of $174,000, O'Donnell announced he is banned from appearing as a 'talking head' on his program.

Today in America and most certainly in Michigan, a deadbeat dad is facing a lien, driver's license revocation, negative credit reporting, offset of his state and/or federal taxes, a bench warrant and even a felony conviction for not paying their child support. Many of these fathers' make dramatically less than $174,000 a year and, most could not loan $35,000 to themselves to run for U.S. Congress. 

O'Donnell took the first step that all cable and non-cable based television host should do. As a father is in jail in Michigan today, the least action that Rep. Joe Walsh should face is to not be allowed to appear on any television screen, on our nation's airwaves. 

By owning so much money to his three children, Rep. Walsh should be in jail, until he pays his obligations. At least 'The Last Word' program has stood up against Walsh's double-speak about engaging in uncompromising negotiations on the nation's debt while ignoring his own.

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