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Monday, July 11, 2011

14 Million long-term unemployed are invisible and forgotten to America's political leadership

(The Depression) The Single Men's Unemployed A...                              Image via WikipediaThe New York Times featured a piece on Saturday, July 9th asking has the nation, in general, have forgotten that up to 14 million Americans are unemployed. 

Worse case within the numbers it's estimated a large number of those within the numbers are long-termed jobless -over 26 weeks of seeking a new employment opportunity. 

In addition, the 99ers -consisting of unemployed Americans exhausted from all forms of federal benefit extensions- questions were completely ignored by President Barack Obama during his recent "Twitter Town Hall" event last Wednesday.

So are the long-term unemployed invisible? According to the NYT article, in some ways, this boils down to math, both economic and political. The latest jobless figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics cite that 9.2% of the American work force is unemployed. 

In turn that leaves 90.8% of the United States workforce with some form of employment. 
Within those numbers, for elected officials, the unemployed are a relatively small constituency and in their mind, can easily be 'ignored'.

Can the unemployed organize like in the great depression to mound a political force which could swing the upcoming 2012 elections? Review the entire groundbreaking NYT piece, which was featured on the front page of the highly reviewed and respected news publication, for more details.

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