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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keith Olbermann 'Special Comment': Obama compromises with GOP could cost 2012 elections

Cropped headshot of Keith OlbermannImage via Wikipedia
On Keith Olbermann's Current
TV program 'Special Comment'
segment, he cited that Pres.
Obama compromises on Social
Security/Medicare could cost him
the 2012 Elections.

During progressive stalwart Keith Olbermann CurrentTV Countdown program on Monday July 11th, he ripped and slashed in words President Obama negotiations compromise with Congressional Republicans over the debt ceiling with cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Officials from the White House, repeatedly has offered to raise the age of Medicare eligibility and the cost of living adjustment to Social Security payments, in the presidents’ attempts to form a deal with GOP leadership.

In turn, both Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Minority Leader Eric Cantor have walked out on President Obama efforts to reach a compromise deal; citing their refusal to end the Bush Era tax cuts on the nations’ wealthiest tax payers in 2013.

Olbermann strongly spoke against any tampering with either the Medicare or Social Security programs. Calling his special comment segment a possible '2012 election forecast  regarding what he called America's "greatest accomplishments", the social safety net that includes both of the known Democratic staples.

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