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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(VIDEO):James, Rupert Murdock drilled on News Corporation scandal by British Parliament, R. Murdoch attacked at hearing

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Appearing in Wilson Room of Portcullis House on July 19th, a England parliament committee drilled News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdock and his son James about the growing phone hacking scandal 

In the U.S. Rupert Murdock, head of the conservative news channel Fox News and a number of communications in the United States, admitted to the committee that he does not rest the responsibly of his editors and reporters on his shoulders.
 "I do not accept ultimate responsibility. I hold responsible the people that I trusted to run it and they people they trusted,” R. Murdock cited.
The scandal which is growing in nature by the day, has led to the resignation of News of the World (NOTW) head editor Rebehak Brooks, top Scotland Yard officials Paul Stephenson, John Yates and have raised questions surrounding the death of NOTW whistleblower Sean Hoare .

In United States, News Corporation fallout are leading calls for Murdock to resign as the head of his company holdings, which include conservative news channel Fox News, Fox Broadcasting Companies, Harper Collins publishing, the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, the Weekly Standard magazine and more.

A report in (New on July 18th has tied News Corporation to an alleged computer hacking incident in 2009. The complaint alleged that among other tactics, News America Marketing –another News Corporation company- engaged in illegal computer espionage by breaking into FLOORgraphics Corporation password-protected computer system and obtaining proprietary information.
“News employed numerous illicit tactics in a prolonged and concerted effort to destroy (FLOORgraphics)," said a complaint filed by the company in 2006.
In the U.S. the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has opened an investigation into whether employees of News Corporation might have hacked or attempted to hack into the private calls and phone records of September 11 victims and their families.

The investigation was opened on July 14th following a request by Representative Peter King (R-New York), head of the House Homeland Security Committee and whose Long Island district was home to many victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

When questioned by the British Parliament inquiry committee today, R. Murdock denied that his England publication scandal has touched the victims’ families of 9/11 in the U.S.
"We have seen no evidence of that at all and as far as we know the FBI haven't either. If they do, we will treat it exactly the same way as we treat it here. Murdoch said. "I cannot believe it happened from anyone in America. Whether someone from the News of the World or Mr Mulcaire took it on himself to do it, I don't know," he cited.
Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire was jailed for six months in 2007 after pleading guilty to phone hacking charges in an English court. 

Murdock before the British committee today, stated that he appalled told that his reporters had hacked into the voicemails of murdered English teenager Milly Dowler. 

Voicemails deleted by NOTW editors, lead Dowler’s parents and Scotland Yard law enforcement official to believe for a time period, that the missing teenage might be alive.
"This is the most humble day of my life,” Murdoch cited.
A spectator in the room of the British Parliament was removed members of the Scotland Yard police, after jumping over seats in an attempt to reach Rupert Murdoch and throw a "white substance" on the Fox News CEO.

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