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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gov. Snyder: My job is to create jobs; but Michigan jobless rate continues rise to 10.5%

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Michigan jobless rate increases for
the second straight month.
Michigan's unemployment rate yet again rose in June, to 10.5%

Figures released by the Department of Technology, Management and Budget marks a .2% increase from May's figures and marks the state's highest rate since January, when Governor Rick Snyder (R) initially was sworn into office. 

In fact, since Gov. Snyder has been in office, the states' jobless rate has increased over decreasing, reviewing the historical data for 2011. One of candidate Snyder talking points during the 2010 Gubernatorial race was that his job as Michigan Governor, "Would be creating jobs".

Michigan's unemployment figure remains well above the national rate of 9.2 percent. On Wednesday, Gov. Snyder office announced that if state unions do not accept massive cuts to both pay and benefits, a large number of Michigan's 47,000 employees would be laid-off.

“We would rather come to an agreement at the bargaining table. Layoffs are one option in any contingency plan, as are not filling vacancies, reducing travel or contracting for some services”, Sara Wurfel Governor Snyder's spokesperson noted.

Worst news about the increasing state jobless rate is that in second-quarter -April-June 2011- average job totals declined by 4,000 from the first quarter -January-March.
Since June 2010, payroll jobs only have increased by 1.4% or by ,000 employment opportunities. The largest area of increase, during this time period, was professional and business services fields, with 22,000 gained 17,000 more in manufacturing, 16,000 more in education/health services and 11,000 more in construction.

In March, Gov. Snyder signed into law HB 4408, marking Michigan first decrease in unemployment weeks payable to claimants in the states' history, reducing state based payable weeks from 26 to 20 weeks.

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