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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(EXCLUSIVE) Chairperson Marion Townsend of the Committee to Recall Gov. Rick Snyder, responses Detroit News article

Photo Credit-The Committee to Recall Governor
Rick Snyder
Marion Townsend Chairperson of the Committee
to Recall Governor Rick Snyder gave an exclusive
interview on the grassroots organization efforts on
July 25th.
The Detroit News originally featured a article on July 25th, which was updated on July 26th to correct the headlinecited that the former spokesperson from the Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder (CTRGRS), Tim Kramer, was fired from the grassroots organization. 

In the original article, the Detroit News  boldly claimed that organizers not close to meeting the 807,000 signature requirement by August 5th, to place a recall referendum on the November 2011 ballot.

Sadly, the news resource made these claims without interviewing committee members, actively involved in the effort.

Reach Out Job Search News writer Monica RW obtained a exclusive interview with (CTRGRS) Chairperson Marion Townsend on Monday, regarding the Detroit News articles and its’ claims. 

ROJS News: How did Mr. Kramer become connected with the initial efforts to recall Gov. Rick Snyder?

Townsend: Well, specifically the original Facebook page to recall Gov. Snyder was started by him. Tim had his Facebook page up first. Then, members of the soon-to-be formed Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder switched to his page, in a joint effort.

Now on the PAC paperwork, Tim was instrumental with setting up the committee and has done a lot. Still he has not been the driving force beside the recall, the people of the state of Michigan are.

ROJS News: So initially, CTRGRS kept Mr. Kramer on board as a gracious call for highlighting his work put into the efforts. It appears somewhere, things went astray, correct?

Townsend: Well, we’re not quite sure why he stopped listening to us. His name was joined with the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder because he was our spokesperson; his name was out there, everybody knew his name, everybody knew he was on the Committee to Recall Gov. Rick Snyder. 

When one has persona, they can’t go out in turn and bad mouth organizations that you are trying to work with in a cooperative effort.

Moving on, we will have our new spokesperson board shortly to ensure the right information gets out to the public at large, as they have been very engaged in CTRGRS efforts.

ROJS News: Does Mr. Kramer have any role in the grassroots organization going forward?

Townsend: Yes, we want Tim to be walking with us hand to hand, with trucks and cars following behind us, driving up Michigan Avenue to Lansing's Capitol Building, carrying petitions signed by tens of thousands of Michigan registered voters. Just to clarify, Tim still a part of the CTRGRS grassroots effort; he’s just not our media spokesperson.

ROJS News: When will CTRGRS release initial numbers of signatures obtained over the past two and one half months, to the media and public?

Townsend: We will make an announcement on August 5th, after continuing our petition signing efforts until though the weekend, if CTRGRS have obtain the signatures required or extending the effort.

Additionally, CTRGRS volunteer petition verifiers have been busy, especially within the last month, coordinating receipts of all certified petitions by our circulators. They have been receiving petitions on a daily basis. Although this can be an overwhelming effort on behalf of our volunteers, we deeply appreciate their efforts and continued assistance.

ROJS News: Speaking of your grassroots group signature rally campaign, are there public signing events available this week?

Townsend: This weekend is a pretty special weekend. We are plugging it as Rock the Recall and have a concert scheduled at the Magic Bag in Ferndale at 8:00 PM EST on Friday night (July 29th). Its fundraiser concert event, so there is a slight cover charge. Petitions will be available on location for signing. Also, there are at least three bands entertaining during the event.

On Saturday, we have all day signing events at the Southfield Civic Center. On Sunday, in Grand Rapids, we have a 'Close Out Concert' which will be free event where petitions will be available for signing. 

Additionally, we have many other free events going on during week and into the weekend all over the state,  linked at our Committee webpage.

ROJS News: It appears that CTRGRS are working strong into the weekend to meet at least the August 5th date resourced within various Michigan media resources. Is this true?

Townsend: Yes, we have doing everything possible, with assistance of our many volunteers, to reach our signature goals by the August 5th date. Depending on our statewide count on August 4th, there are two additional weeks available, to extend our date to August 18th. If this is necessary, it would be announced in a press conference on August 5th.

Partnership efforts between the Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder have formed nationwide organizations Daily Kos and Fieldworks.

On their website, the group has announced a ‘One Person, One Petition program revolving around handing a petitions to each registered voter, who signs a petition. The signed voter would volunteer to gather 10 additional signatures, on a different petition form, around their community.

Listen to Ms. Townsend from the CTRGRS first interview on Reach Out Job Search Radio (ROJS Radio) program July 14th, with co-hosts Monica RW, Tim S. and Ms. Townsend.

ROJS Radio, featuring weekly Independent discussion and views on Michigan Politics, is aired LIVE Thursday’s at 8PM EST on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

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