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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boenher goes into confessional mode, on his Tea Party Caucus attempts to create 'chaos' with debt ceiling debate

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Speaker Boehner failure to lead
his House Republican'Tea Party
 Caucus', is threatening the U.S.
credit rating worldwide.
Update-July 29th@11:30PM EST-MSNBC reported that GOP fails to whip enough votes and no debt ceiling vote was going to occur, after promising a vote, all evening. Tea Party 'Chaos' strategy one, at work... 

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was full 'confessional mode' this morning, after his highly-criticized follow-up speech, behind President Barack Obama on Monday, July 25th and a plan that was scored unusable by the Congressional Budget Office.

Boehner admitted today on The Laura Ingraham Talk Show that members of his own caucus are stopping a compromise deal on the debt ceiling.

The members of Speaker Boehner’s caucus he is speaking of are 'The Tea Party' affiliated elected Representatives.

Boehner confessed on Ingraham’s show that they are refusing to agree to a compromise debt ceiling deal are hoping to unleash a type “chaos” type of action, to force the White House and Senate Democrats to make bigger concessions than they’re already offering. 

Boehner agreed that failing to raise the limit before the deadline would be devastating for the U.S. economy and very frankly that the Tea Party backed “chaos” plan won’t work.

BOEHNER: Well, first they want more. And my goodness, I want more too. And secondly, a lot of them believe that if we get past August the second and we have enough chaos, we could force the Senate and the White House to accept a balanced budget amendment. I’m not sure that that — I don’t think that that strategy works. Because I think the closer we get to August the second, frankly, the leverage we have vis a vis our colleagues in the Senate and the White House.

It would appear that Speaker’s Boehner’s failure to lead members of his party, poses a serious financial threat to the U.S. financial economic future. 

In the same aspect, Boehner’s honesty to Conservative talk show host Ingraham’s  program, shows how damaging uncompromising extreme form of ‘Tea Party’ type politics is a security and economic threat to the world leading nation. 

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