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Monday, June 20, 2011

(VIDEO) Amy Winehouse: The world's economy can do without performances like this

Amy Winehouse performing in Berlin in 2007Image via Wikipedia
Amy Winehouse gave a questionable
performance in Serbia, where ticket prices
averaged $57 on a monthly salary of $428. 

Amy Winehouse, canceled part of her European tour on Sunday, June 19th, after a truly questionable performance that was unfair to fans who paid to experience a live show of the signers talent.
The British singer made fans unhappy when she was an hour late for a concert in Serbia, then acted strangely to say the least. 

She was unable to remember lyrics to all of the songs she performed, mumbled though all the songs she attempt to sang, dropped the microphone and occasionally simply walked off stage, unto parts unknown. 

VIDEO of Amy Winehouse Serbia performance of "Back to Black" on June 19th

Sadly for Winehouse's fans in Serbia, individuals spent a good amount of their monthly salary to watch a truly train-wreck performance. Concert-goes can be hear, assisting Amy Winehouse with singing and completing her songs, as the average ticket for the show ran $57.00. Meanwhile, average wage of a Serbian is only $428.00 a month.
The 'performance' was suppose to be a kick-off show for a 12-date tour of Europe. Winehouse's media relations group, after the Serbia concert, quickly canceled a upcoming Monday evening show in Istanbul as well as a Wednesday, June 22nd concert in Athens. Winehouse spokesperson stated they are determining whether she would continue with any the remaining dates.
Winehouse apologized to fans in a statement, saying she felt the cancellations were "the right thing to do" because she "cannot perform to the best of her ability."
Winehouse has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years, spent a week at a London rehab program in May 2011. Her song "Rehab" became a massive hit in 2007, off of her 2006 album "Back to Black," winning five Grammys. Ironically, with her on and off drug related issues, Winehouse has not released an new album 2006.

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