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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two-Thirds of potential voters surveyed for Obama 2012 re-election, think he has failed to create jobs

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The nations' unemployment rate could decide
if President Obama could gain the opportunity
to deliver another election night win speech,
similar to the one in Chicago on November 2008.

For President Barack Obama, hopes for winning a second term in office depend on how Americans view his management of the unemployment crisis. If the nations’ chief executive was on a graded scale on U.S.  job creation, he would be receiving a D-.

A poll released on June 29th by Harris Interactive, found that a majority of Americans view President Obama's ability to deal with the jobs crisis, negatively. 

When the group surveyed 2,163 adults from June 13-20, the report found that 74% of Americans view President Obama's work on jobs and/or creating employment opportunities to be "poor" or "only fair."

Only 24% of those surveyed believe President Obama has done an "excellent job" or a "pretty good" job on the employment manner. This number reflects a 5% drop from February 2011, were the President received a 29% rating.

Less than half of self-described Democrats gave President Obama either an “excellent” or “pretty good” rating on job creation, at 42%.  Meanwhile, 6% of Republicans and 19% Independents felt the same; although Independents did believe that Obama’s efforts to lower unemployment have been positive.

Despite small pockets of approval, President Obama's inability to create jobs could hurt him during his reelection campaign create jobs. 

Another group that the President has virtually ignored, the "99ers" (those who have exhausted all forms of federal unemployment extension), could easily decide the outcome of a successful second term re-election bid. 

There are an estimated 6 million "99ers" in the United States. The last bill drafted on behalf of extending benefits to this group HR-589, has been stalled in a Congressional Committee without vocal any support from President Obama.

A high unemployment rate, which currently stands at 10.3%, could vastly reduce President Obama’s re-election chances. Since World War II, no United States President has been reelected with an unemployment rate above 7.2 percent.

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