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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Town hall meeting to discuss repealing Michigan's Emergency Financial Manager law, scheduled on 6/25

A Town hall informational session in
Ann Arbor, Michigan will be held on
June 25th to discuss Gov. Snyder's EFM
law. The law seeks to overturn public
worker contracts like those for Michigan
Nurses working for state, local or county
A Town Hall style meeting will be held this Saturday, June 25th, from 10:30AM-Noon at the Ann Arbor Community Center 625 N. Main Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to discuss the beginnings of a statewide initiative to repeal Michigan's unpopular Emergency Financial Manager law. 

Expansion of the EFM law was first introduced by current Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) in February 2011 and passed by the Republican controlled state House and Senate in April. 

The newly passed legislation allows Governor Snyder the sole power and authority to appoint a individual or corporation to takeover the entire operational management of a elected governmental body of a city, township, county or school board. 

Michigan GOP controlled legislative body, also approved in the EFM law a payment of up to $400,000 of public tax payer dollars to the individual and/or corporation managing a municipality financial affairs.  

In addition, the EFM can dismantle union contracts, take away the authority of elected officials, manage the governmental operation virtually unchecked voters to a community, school board and more.   

Examples of Snyder's Emergency Financial Manager law in action

Three recent examples of the EFM law in action include cities of Benton Harbor and Pontiac, Michigan; and with in the Detroit Public Schools District. In Benton Harbor EFM Joseph Harris in May, took away the power of the elected city council, allowing them to only approve, write and review agenda minutes. Harris also has eliminated union contracts in the city.

For Pontiac, Snyder's EFM Michael Stampfer has canceled police union contracts and privatized the city water treatment operations. For the water treatment services, Stampfer turned the operation over to United Water Services, which is a company that has been indicted on felony charges in December 2010.

The Detroit Public School Board was informed on June 21st, that Eastern Michigan University (EMU) will be taking over several schools in the district, by EFM Roy Roberts and Governor Snyder in a press conference. EFM Roberts, by allowing EMU to operate education in the district instead of union based teachers. would have the authority to make new work rules at those schools, including cancelling and/or modifying union contracts, within the next year.

While EMU is taking over operations of Detroit's Public School system, the higher education institution Board of Regents decided on June 21st to a 3.65 percent increase in tuition and to eliminate 70 staff positions as a part of the university’s 2011-12 budget.

Saturday's Town hall event speakers

Featured speakers at the Saturday EFM repeal informational town in hall event in Ann Arbor, Michigan include:

Chris Savage-Blogger for the Eclectablog. Savage's report MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show picked up Savage’s coverage of the intial EFM legislation, bringing it to national attention.

Brandon Jessup-C.E.O of Michigan Forward, a Detroit think-tank that launched the campaign to repeal of the EFM law known as Public Act #4.

David Bates-President of the Board of Education of Ypsilanti Public Schools, who was recently informed on May 10th by state Representative David Rutledge (D-Ypsilanti), that if the school district did not quickly cut costs, they would could be appointed a Emergency Financial Manager.

Ironically, Rep. Rutledge was one of the few Democratic state House members to vote with the Republican majority on June 10th to dismantling teacher tenure in Michigan with House Bills 4625 and 4627.

Author's Bio

Reach Out Job Search News Blog writer Monica RW has extensively covered Snyder's EFM proposal, including writing an article March on how a state Constitutional Referendum could overturn the measure, authored an heavily viewed guest article in April on Ann "Successful recall effort against Gov. Snyder would require a highly coordinated effort", interviewed spokesperson Dennis Pank II of "The Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder" on her weekly Reach Out Job Search Radio Live Podcast and produced video of the kick-off rally of the petition to recall Gov. Snyder in May. Monica RW covers both job search and political issues, in Michigan and nationwide.

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