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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Topics-Michigan Politics, EFM lawsuit on 6/23 Reach Out Job Search Live Podcast, at 9PM

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Reach Out Job Search Live Podcast, airing at a new start time, 9PM EST on the Blog Talk Radio network, will be a 'must not be missed' show. 

We will introduce and warmly welcome our new co-host Michigan native Tim Scully onto the show. Tim S., as he'll be effectively known on the program and our news blog, wrote this introductory bio for the show regular weekly podcast listeners.
I have been a political activist since I was a teenager, writing political commentary, participating in various political organizations, (mostly as an outside contributor). Writing letters to politicians, running petitions for different initiatives, and endlessly talking to people about the absolute necessity of involvement of all of us to prevent the steamrolling of our culture, values, rights, unions, and the middle class, that is currently being done by our government.   
I am a student of contemporary history, world religions, and ancient history. My sources are mostly books written by knowledgable direct participants, historians, and direct observers of events. Finally, I consider the general media as a shameless revisionist propaganda machine, and have no respect for it at all.  Tim S. -New Co-Host of Reach Out Job Search Podcast on Blog Talk Radio
Topics highlighted on Thursday's Live podcast will include:

  • Governor Rick Snyder's Emergency Financial Manager Law pending lawsuits
  • Do the current field of Republican Presidential contenders compare against President Barack Obama
  • Election 2012-Impacts of why your vote is important on the state and federal level
  • Wrap-up of the former Rep. Anthony Weiner saga. Should he have resigned when others who have broken laws like Senator David Vitter (R-LA) stay in office? Was President Obama right to comment at all on the Weiner situation?
  • War and military actions-President Obama promised to pull all a majority of U.S.troops out of Afghanistan by 2013, yet, the question is why exactly our soldiers are still in the location after Bin Laden's death
  • Update of the campaign to Recall Governor Rick Snyder (R) in Michigan
  • We will highlight the latest in Michigan Job Search News and more.
Your voice can be heard on any of these important issues on Thursday's LIVE Reach Out Job Search podcast program, by calling 347-934-0185, starting at 9PM EST. A town hall type discussion room will be open during the entire show at the following link.

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