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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Similar to former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick, Rep. Weiner's texts should lead to resignation

Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit, MichiganImage via Wikipedia
Former Mayor of Detroit Kwane
Kilpatrick lies and cover-up about
'sex-texts' cost residents of Detroit
millions of dollars and send Kilpatrick
to State Prison for perjury.
A Reach Out Job Search News Op/Ed

For years residents of Southeastern Michigan and the city of Detroit, were subject to a rash of news stories about former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick (D). Widely known as the 'Hip-Hop Mayor', Kilpatrick was elected in 2001. 

Shortly thereafter in 2002, a series of leaks and local news resource initiated investigations began in the Mayor's activities. 

Kilpatrick was linked to issuing a Detroit Police Department owned Lincoln Navigator to his wife Carlita; along with using his city issued credit card to charge thousands of dollars worth of spa massages, extravagant dining, and expensive wines. 

Sadly, the former mayor only managed to pay back $9,000 of the $210,000 credit card charges. Less than 5% of the total amount charged to the tax payers of Detroit.

Kilpatrick's problems didn't end from there, in fact they became progressively worse. A yet-to-totally proven beyond a shadow of a doubt but, highly rumored party was alleged to have occurred in the fall of 2002, involving strippers at the official residence of the mayor—the city-owned Manoogian Mansion. 

Former members of the mayor's Executive Protection Unit, who also worked as city of Detroit Police Officers, stated that the mayor's wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, came home unexpectedly and upon discovering Kwame with the strippers, began to attack one of women named Tamara Green. 

Greene, 27,  who went by the stage name of "Strawberry", allegedly performed at the Manoogian Mansion party, where she was possibly assaulted by Kwame Kilpatrick wife, Carlita. 

By the spring of April 2003, while sitting in her car with her boyfriend, Greene was shot multiple times with a .40 caliber Glock pistol. The alleged murder weapon was found to be a model and caliber firearm, normally issued by the Detroit Police Department.

Next, on the plate of events of former Mayor Kilpatrick, would what would be called 'Sexy-Texts' gate, similar to now Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY).                                           

Flash-forward to January 2008, when the Detroit Free Press revealed the existence of more than 14,000 text messages exchanged between Kilpatrick and his chief of staff Christine Beatty on their city issued SkyTel pagers between September 2002 – October 2002 and April 2003 – May 2003. These dates are of importance because the fall 2002 text occurrences directly linked to the time periods of the alleged Manoogian Mansion party. 

Kilpatrick's and Beatty text messages detailed a affair, over years, between the former Mayor chief of staff and himself. The cover-up of the affair, lead to $8.4 million secret deal pay-out settlement by the city of Detroit, to former Detroit Police Officer, now city councilman Gary Brown and another party. 

Brown, who lead the investigation into what was alleged to occur at during Manoogian Mansion party, stated he forced to resign from the police department by a Kilpatrick appointee, former Chief Ella Bully Cummings.

An failed attempt to cover up text messages, caused residents of the city of Detroit unbeknownst, paying millions of tax payer dollars to protect Kilpatrick's lies. Now, another attempt to cover up messages via Twitter "tweets", Facebook communications, cell phone texts and lewd pictures, are leading another elected official morally being questioned. This time, the official is Representative Weiner.

Known as a Progressive stall-worth, Congressman Weiner have led the charge on the House floor, viciously debating why a federally funded universal medical care plan was needed during the 2009 health care debate. Weiner also rightfully stated on-the-record, that he would vote against plans, similar to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-IL) proposal, seeking to turn Medicare for seniors into a 'voucher' type of program.

On Monday, June 6th, after 10 days of denying that he sent questionable pictures from a Twitter account and engaged in 'inappropriate conversations' via social media and cellular text, Rep. Weiner (D-NY) confessed that he did sent a magnitude of questionable communications., a Conservative website managed by ran by Andrew Breitbard, started a media circus, stating a lewd photo was sent from Weiner's Twitter. Beithard’s website posted new photos June 6th reportedly from a second woman, who said she received shirtless shots of the congressman. At the Monday news conference, Weiner called the initial underpants photo a joke and a "hugely regrettable mistake."

Like former Mayor Kilpatrick, Rep. Weiner's mistakes will keep piling up. ABC News reporter Chris Cuomo interviewed one of the women who Weiner 'sex-text', Meagan Broussard on June 6th
“From there, he introduced himself to me over Facebook Chat,” Broussard stated to ABC. “Within an hour, we were sending messages back and forth. It became an everyday correspondence.”
Radar, June 8th, released a number of text messages that Congressman Weiner send via his phone. Warning, some of these text messages are slightly graphic in nature. 


Bold text is from Rep. Weiner

Normal text is from Ms. Weiss
August 13th 2010 
Weiss- it is actually you? i am trying to find the wonderful anthony wiener who i feel in love with for yelling at those damn repubs the other day! and u are funny as hell on the daily show! your friend requests are must friend me! you are awesome!
Weiner-is this really lisa?
Weiss- hahaha! it is you! i am honoured to be your fb friend! you are the coolest dem on the planet! they need to all be as tough as you…and you are damn funny! keep fighting for the sane people in this country!
Weiner- thank you lisa. glad you have my back. you keeping an eye on that wackadoodle angle for us?how insane is she? who needs social security, medicare or education? if this wacko wins my state i swear i will have to move! she may be dumber than plain! and that is tough to find!
August 14th 2010
Weiner- so give me the insider dope. are people buying what she is selling? do you and i have to kick a little gop ass? 
August 19th 2010 
Weiss-idiots i work with love this stupid b**ch! i ask them all if they will be turning down their social security and medicare…let's kick some gop a**! i hate them!
Weiner- ok, you and me will suit up like superheroes and defeat them. what will we call ourselves?
Weiss-you are too funny! we could be the jew.o.p! what will we wear?
September 17th 2010
Weiss-i like this cute new pics of you! when r you coming to vegas to help me beat up the right wing crazies? 
Weiner-this is my "pull my finger" shot. glad you like. i'm ready for a vegas trip. truth telling during the day. got a night plan for us?  
Weiss-haha..that was a very loaded questions! i've got all kinds of night plans for us! when are you coming?
Weiner-dunno. make me an offer i can't refuse.
Weiss-to get us in the mood. first we watch back to back episodes of the daily show and colbert  report…then, to really spice things up we go deface all of my neighbor's sharon angle yard signs…then when we are really hot we go to the bookstore and cover all of the glen beck books with copies of "the audacity of hope!"…i do this about once a week (you can tell i am a very exciting girl!)…or if this i not your thing, we can just get drunk and have mad, passionate sex! 
Weiner-why choose? with me behind you can't we both watch daily show? 
Weiss-Hhaha! see…you are always thinking! you are so right…aahhh the perfect liberal evening! 
Weiner-i hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of others 
Weiss-of course! it is all about taking care of the little guy! 
Weiner-little?! ouch. you'd be surprised how big'
Congressman Weiner, as any elected official is required to take a oath, and swears to uphold ethnic standards of the office. Noting such, questionable text, lewd pictures of Weiner sent to up to six women and his other actions while representing himself as a Congressman in the U.S. House; Anthony Weiner has not upheld the standards of his position. 

The longer Rep. Weiner refuses to resign from his office, hurts other important causes he claimed to care about, like protecting Social Security and health care reform. Details of Weiner's actions will continue to 'leak out' by news sources and Republican operatives like Breithart. These actions will jump in the way of causes other Congressional Democrats are working towards to assist working Americans, the middle class and the poor. 

As of June 7th, House Minority Leader Nancy Peolsi (D-CA) called for an ethics investigation into Weiner's activities, while acting as an elected leader for the residents in his New York District. 

For the congressman, it is time to end the daily news story, guaranteed to continue about what he text, which type of pictures he taken and who he engaged with 'sex-texting'. Before Weiner's actions run head-to-head with the election cycle of 2012, it is time for him to resign.

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