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Friday, June 3, 2011

Package sent to Michigan embattled Governor, Rick Snyder, contained granular substance

Rick SnyderImage via Wikipedia
Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) office
worker opened a 'granular
substance' packaged, addressed
to the Governor.

Someone who has a serious problem with Republican Governor Rick Snyder policies, decided to take a highly questionable form of action. 

An employee in the Lansing, Michigan capitol, who works in the same building that houses Snyder’s office, experienced a "burning sensation" on June 2nd after opening a letter addressed to Gov. Snyder.

The letter was said to contain a "granular substance," a spokeswoman stated at a Mackinac Island annual conference for business and governmental officials.

Ann reported that both the FBI and U.S. Postal Service are investigating the incident after the employee, who works in the same building that houses Snyder's office, reported the incident.

Emergency officials determined the man did not have to be hospitalized, but the room was evacuated to allow investigators to analyze the scene, Snyder communications director Geralyn Lasher said. The governor personally called the employee to check on his health.

Lasher wouldn't say whether the letter, which was addressed to Snyder, contained any inflammatory statements regarding the Republican and former Ann Arbor venture capitalist. She said the substance did not have the same powdery feeling associated with anthrax.

Governor Snyder’s policies have been the subject of intensive debate and disagreement in Michigan since, being sworn into office the past six months. Currently, Snyder is facing petition drive to remove him from office effort by a grassroots group named The Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder

This group is seeking to collect a minimum of 805,000 of registered voters’ signatures by this August, totaling 25% of the voters in the November 3, 2010 election, which placed Snyder as Governor of Michigan until 2014.

Snyder's approval ratings have racially fallen since being elected as Governor. A recent survey by the Public Policy Polling registered the Governor’s approval rating at a low 33% in March 2011, as some voters have become angered by Snyder’s cuts to K-12 education spending, plan to adopt a phase-in pension tax and cut business taxes.

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