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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Michigan lawmakers return to work; redistricting, union arbitration, Windsor second bridge on agenda

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With Super-Majorities in Michigan's
state House and Senate, Republicans plans
to take up debate on redistricting, second
bridge to Canada and binding
arbitration for police and firefighters.
Michigan lawmakers return to session this week to work on a variety of topics including redistricting plans for congressional and state legislative districts. Sessions of the state House and Senate resumed Tuesday, June 14th.

Lawmakers won't be voting on redistricting plans this week, but some proposed maps for new districts could be drawn up and submitted for review at the end of the week.

District boundaries will be redrawn based on counts from the 2010 U.S. Census that's costing Michigan one U.S. House seat. Republicans who have super-majority control both Legislature bodies, will largely decide the outcome.

Senate committee starts hearings Wednesday, June 15th on a proposal that could lead to a second bridge between Detroit and Canada. Lawmakers may also work this week on legislation that could alter the binding arbitration process for local, county and state police and firefighters.

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