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Monday, June 20, 2011

How to watch Keith Olbermann Countdown online if Current TV is not in your cable provider lineup

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Don't have Current TV in your cable line-up yet? That's OK,
as the Twitter group @Teamolbermann has provided two
online links.
Need a temporary solution until demanding that your cable provider add Current TV to the lineup, for you can watch 'Countdown" with Keith Olbermann on the network? 

We at ROJS News have found information that will allow you to not miss one minute of the ground breaking program....and of course, Mr. Olbermann at his finest.

ROJS News Twitter Friends @TeamOlbermann has tweeted two links to watch Keith Olbermann premier "Countdown" show on Current TV, Monday, June 20th at 8PM. For potential viewers that don't have the network Current in their presence cable line-up, both of the links provided, will live stream Olbermann's premier show online.

Here is the Tweet with the links:

Twitter / @TeamOlbermann: Alright #FOK! Here are 2 ...

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