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Friday, June 3, 2011

House GOP leadership shelves 'Jobs Act', as U.S. unemployment rate rises to 9.1%

David Lee CampImage via Wikipedia
Rep. David Camp (R-MI) told that he is unsure
when or if House GOP leaders
will reschedule the "Jobs Act"
for a vote.

For all the talk over the past eight months about the Republican Party desire to “create jobs”, with the unemployment rate increasing to 9.1% on June 3rd in figures released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, actual  actions steps have been little by the GOP leadership in Washington, D.C.

In the House GOP latest move, reported on on May 27th, party leadership has shelved its self-entitled 'Jobs Act'. The bill was introduced last month by GOP House member David Camp (R-MI) to promote employment growth.  

The legislation would have allowed states to use the $31 billion the federal government allocated to pay for extended unemployment compensation through January 2013 on other functions. The reallocated funds could have been used to prevent business tax increases, paying back federal loans or funding job-training programs.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp had planned to bring the bill to the floor this week, according to Politico. Instead, the measure was yanked from the schedule after some members of the GOP  said they "didn’t want to vote for a bill they didn’t understand, that would die in the Senate."

Democrats had criticized the bill, saying it threatened federal extended unemployment benefits. The extension of federal unemployment benefits through the end of this year was part of a deal brokered in Washington D.C. in December that mandated a ‘compromise’ of extending tax breaks to high-earners.

Republicans counter that the bill would have helped financially strapped states repay loans borrowed from the government to pay jobless benefits, without raising taxes on small business.

Camp told Politico that he was "uncertain" as to when the bill would be brought up for a vote. 

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