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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Governor Snyder's short time in office a failure? So says beltway insider Norman Ornstein

Norman Ornstein.Image via Wikipedia
Norman Ornstein, a Beltway Insider
who writes from a right-wing point of
view, says Governor Rick Snyder policies
have been a 'failure'.
One of the most well-respected and influential political thinkers on the Right, Dr. Norman Ornstein, called Michigan’s Governor a “failure” in a piece published by The Washington Post. According to Ornstein, Snyder’s problems stem from “hubris.”
"Republican governors…usually with the avid support of GOP-dominated legislatures…have deployed combative policies and politics, promoting confrontation and eschewing compromise, cutting benefits for the poor and middle class while adding tax breaks for the rich, and in many cases trying to eliminate or at least cripple collective bargaining by public employees," Ornstein noted on the Washington Post. 
"Those tactics have energized the Democratic base, certainly, but even more significant, they have turned off independent voters."
Governor Rick Snyder 'Draconian Budget Mandates' has included the expansion of Emergency Financial Managers, cut of $300.00 per pupil K-12 public schools, taxing senior pensions, along with increase taxes on the poor/middle class, all giving a 1.8 Billion dollar tax cut to C & S Corporations in the state. 

As a result of his actions, Gov. Snyder is facing a recall petition by a grassroots group called "The Committee to Governor Rick Snyder", along with 12 Republican state House and Senate Representatives.

The latest state-wide approval rating for Governor Snyder, stands at around 33% according to a Public Policy Poll

So who is Norman Ornstein? He is a long-time observer of Congress and politics, writes a weekly column for Roll Call and is an election analyst for CBS News. Ornstein serves as codirector of the AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project and participates in AEI’s Election Watch series. He also serves as a senior counselor to the Continuity of Government Commission

Mr. Ornstein led a working group of scholars and practitioners that helped shape the law, known as McCain-Feingold, that reformed the campaign financing system. 

Read the entire article on on the exact reasons Ornstein believes Governor Rick Snyder is a failure. 

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