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Friday, June 24, 2011

Gov. Rick Snyder begs members of Michigan Small Business Association to add 'just one job'

Rick SnyderImage via Wikipedia
Governor Rick Snyder begs
member of the Michigan Small
Business Assc. to create just
one job.

Governor Rick Snyder (R) meeting with members of the Michigan Small Business Association (MSBA) on June 23rd, begged some attendees who received the 1.4 billion dollars with of new tax incentives to create jobs, to counteract growing public skepticism and Snyder's 33% job approval rating.
Michigan's overall unemployment rate increased .1%, from 10.3% in May, from 10.2% in April 2011.
“As you create those jobs, the very best thing you can do to help out, particularly for those in public service, is to talk about the jobs you’re creating,” Snyder said at Michigan State University reports.
“Even if it’s one job, be proud of it, talk about it. If you take 12,000 entities and you say one job, that’s a lot of jobs. And then you start saying it’s two jobs or three jobs” he said. “That is the backbone of the reinvention of Michigan,” Snyder cited.
Snyder went on to tell members of the organization, even if one job was created by the 1.4 billion dollars worth of tax cuts received, they should boast about the effort. 
Within the business tax cuts measure to C/S Corporations only -which don't apply to members of the SBA members structured as Limited Liability Corporations (L.L.C.) - Gov. Snyder signed measures to increase taxes on seniors pension income, scaled back personal property tax relief and eliminated the $600 tax exemption for children.

Yan Ness, chairman of Online Tech Inc. in Ann Arbor, MSBA’s new chairman, urged the group to support those lawmakers who eliminated their business tax bills.
“(Legislators) have a lot of bosses and they pissed a lot of them off,” Ness told the group during the meeting.
With the 2007 Michigan Business Tax and subsequent surcharge scrapped under the Snyder plan, Ness noted business owners previously felt like a revenue source for state government.
“When you have clarity about what’s going to happen next, it gives you more confidence to move aggressively and a bunch of those aggressive moves by small business is going to add up to some significant results,” Ness said.
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