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Monday, June 20, 2011

(VIDEO) Countdown Premier 6/20-'The weakest citizen is stronger than the most powerful corporation'

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Never to disappoint, Keith Olbermann's premier show on Current TV network, aired at 8PM EST. The first guest on tonight's program was no other than Michigan native Michael Moore, who was honored to be Olbermann initial visitor to his new program.
"I'm honored to be your first guest,"Moore noted. Then acknowledging a disappointment in the policies of President Obama nearly three years into his term, Moore cited, "We really wanted [Obama] to show the right way to do things."
For viewers who might be confused on what standard Olbermann's Current TV program might be based off of, their questions were answered less than seventeen minutes into the show within the Special Comment section.
"This is to be a newscast of contextualization," Olbermann noted. "And it is to be presented with a viewpoint that the weakest citizen of this country is more important than the strongest corporation."
Video of Keith Olbermann 'Countdown' premier on Current TV 

After nearly six months without a "Worse Person in the World", according to Olbermann, tonight's program included a list of individuals fitting into this description. The bronze prize went to former Alaska Governor and FOX News channel Conservative talking-head, Sarah Palin. For the Silver prize Fox News' anchors Bill Sammon and Chris Wallace, whom had a recent debate with comedian Jon Stewart on Fox's News Sunday, June 19th program. The Gold prize was to a woman flipping out on a cell phone video.

Other guests on Olbermann's show this evening included the Daily Kos Markos Moulitsas, former White House Council John Dean; along with a informational segment on the continuing U.S. military action in Libya. 

Missed Keith Olbermann's premier "Countdown" segment? Watch online tonight, starting at 11:00 PM EST on Ready TV.

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