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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Companies profit from Weiner scandal with dolls, condoms and t-shirts

Herobuilders version of Rep. Anthony
Weiner doll, crashed the company
website on Tuesday.
An "adults only", a replica a doll for Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has become the most popular sold by, a toy company in Connecticut. So, much that the company website crashed, Tuesday, June 14th. Additionally, a host of made T-shirts, boxer replica and even condoms have been quickly made to satirize the scandal.

HeroBuilders markets two types of Weiner dolls wearing sportswear, each with shorts reading "Tweet this." A model for the action figure sales $39.95 and looks like GI Joe in his underwear. "Adults only" puppet representing Weiner's manhood is sold at a price of $49.95.
"Nobody has to buy one without a madhood piece" HeroBuilders President Emil Vicale said to Reuters, "added enhancement." He expects to sell more than 1,000 dolls before the end of this week.
A pair of gray "Weinergate" underwear replica has been for sale for $499.99 starting bid $.99 on eBay. There was no deadline for bids on up to Monday. Another company, has been selling T-shirts with the slogans Weiner as "Tweet meat lose your seat." has sold more than 6,000 condoms Weiner, with his picture on the package as it went on sale June 7. Owner Benjamin Sherman started the business three years ago selling Obama and Palin condoms, his best sellers.
"It's about having fun," Sherman said to Reuters. "The French like our products. They are fascinated by our U.S. political scandals. "
Representative Weiner is involved in online sex scandal that led him to send lewd pictures and messages to women on Twitter and the Facebook social networking sites.

Leaders in the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama has asked for Rep. Weiner to resign throughout the week. 
"If it was me, I would resign," President Obama today NBC Today show Ann Curry on Monday.
Weiner is on leave from Congress, at this time, in a undisclosed location, seeking professional treatment. At this point, Weiner has refused to resign his seat in office.

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