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Saturday, June 4, 2011

America's third unpopular state chief executive is Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder

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Gov. Rick Snyder latest approval ratings
makes him the 3rd most unpopular governor
in the nation.
As Michigan’s embattled Governor Rick Snyder (R)received ‘granular substances’ in addressed mail to him at his offices in Lansing, the governor is experiencing rising issues with his ‘favorability’ ratings among the state voting populist.

A2 reported on June 1st that as Florida’s Rick Scott sits at 29% favorability rating according to Quinnipac and Ohio’s John Kasich rating of 33%. Both governor are leading contenders for title of the most unpopular governor in America, according to Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey.

Meanwhile, Gov. Snyder’s approval rating is neck-and neck, tied with neighboring state chief executive John Kasich. Snyder is struggling with a 33 percent approval rating, according to a March 2011 Public Policy Polling survey.

Lansing polling firm EPIC-MRA found that 60% of those polled gave the governor a negative job rating in in a recent survey conducted from April 27 through May 3rd. Participants of the poll included 600 likely voters in 2012 general elections.

This number is up from the last such poll, completed by the firm in February, in which Snyder received a negative job rating of 36 percent, said Bernie Porn, president of EPIC-MRA to State
“When (Snyder) first came into office, I think there was great optimism,” he said. “After he gave his budget message, things started turning south,” Porn noted,
Snyder’s drop in approval ratings are falling out of grace, from all political sides in Michigan. The EPIC-MRA poll cited some Republicans and a majority number of Democrats and independents gave Snyder a negative job rating.

Specifically, 83% of Democrats, and 64% of Independents feel that Snyder’s current job performance is not in line with their views on what is required to fix Michigan’s woes. In addition, 38% of Republicans feel the governor is doing a negative job.

Snyder in March 2011 responded to news of growing voter dissatisfaction in his job performance.
“What mattered was what happened in November and I’m following through on what I campaigned on. I’m proud to say I said a number of things in the campaign and I’m following through. I believe over time the citizens of Michigan are going to be right there with me,” Snyder said to the Detroit News.
EPIC-MRA poll confirms that an ever-increasing number of Michiganders are “not there with him”. Michigan voters are either questioning or outright disagreeing with Snyder’s tactics on Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) law, cutting money from K-12 public schools while the school aid fund has surplus and giving 1.8 billion dollars in tax cuts to C/S corporations while increasing taxes on seniors and the working class.

The Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder grassroots organization, formerly called Michigan Citizens United, had petition language approved to remove Snyder from office in late April

For their campaign to be successful the group would need a minimum of 805,000 signatures or 25% of the total votes cast for Michigan governor race November 3, 2010, to place a recall referendum on the ballot for this year’s November election.

Dissatisfaction with Republican Michigan state legislators, besides just Governor Snyder, is growing with state voting citizens. Up to nine GOP state Senators and Representatives are targeted for recall petitions in their various districts.

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