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Monday, May 23, 2011

Michigan GOP begs donations against Snyder recall, Ann disagrees with school aid cuts

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Michigan GOP Chairman, Bobby
Schostak, fearing the Gov. Rick Snyder
recall effort, begs Republicans in a email
to send donation to fight removing
Snyder from office.
Fresh on the heels of an estimated 10,000 Michiganders ascending upon the Lansing,  Michigan Capitol Building grounds on Saturday, May 21st, the Macomb Daily reports that Michigan Republican Party is seeking donations to beat back what they accuse as an effort by the Michigan Education Association, to recall Gov. Rick Snyder draconian proposals for public education.

State GOP Chairman react to the Snyder Recall effort, asking for donations and accusing state teachers’ union of financing the petition’s campaign.

GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak sent out an email asking for donations last week, saying Governor Snyder has had only months in office, should not be recalled and the unions are supporting this effort.
“The Michigan Education Association appears to have created a shadow organization called Michigan Citizens United, which is trying to force a recall election that is unnecessary just months after Governor Snyder was sworn into office,” Schostak wrote. 
“The Republicans you helped elect in 2010 are hard at work ensuring Michigan becomes prosperous once again,” Schostak’s email said. “Their efforts are under attack by union bosses and shadow organizations. You can help protect against these malicious attacks by supporting the Michigan GOP.”
The re-named PAC-Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder, formerly Michigan Citizens United has been on the record on a number of occasions, clarifying that their grassroots effort is privately funded and union based organizations are not offering monetary support. Individual union members can make private donations, as with other Michigan or concerned nationwide concerned citizens, as they see fit.

During a recent May 9th interview to, a spokesperson for Committee to Recall Governor Rick Snyder clearly outlined that their recall effort does not financial support from any union group.
“We have been frustrated by the lack of official support from the MEA and many other unions.  We have had very good support from individual union members and even a few staffers, such as Gail”, the spokesperson cited (Gail Schmidt is an employee of the MEA, who own her non-work time, serves as Treasurer of the PAC).

“We do understand that the unions are reluctant to endorse a recall attempt, but at least their members seem to be supporting the effort with their time and their own money.  Yes, we have asked the MEA and many others.  So far the results are a lot of good wishes, but not much in the way of overt support”, the Committee spokesperson stated.
Recall language submitted by the group on petitions to recalls Snyder was approved in a clarity hearing with Washtenaw County Board of Canvassers at the end of April.

Doug Pratt, public affairs director for the MEA, additionally clarified Ms. Schmidt status as is an MEA employee but, noted Schmidt’s work on the Snyder recall effort, is during her personal time.
“The MEA is not endorsing or participating in Michigan Citizens United,” Pratt clarified to the Macomb Daily. “We disagree with (Snyder’s) actions and opinions on lots of things. 
“We’re not encouraging our members to recall him,” Pratt said. “He was elected governor. We’re working with him and lawmakers from both parties to make the right choices for kids.”
Rick Snyder’s home county news resource Ann urge the Governor to restore public school aid funding, in light of “newly-found” surplus

Snyder and Republicans who hold a super-majority in Michigan’s state House and Senate have been under fire for budget proposals that include at reduction up to $470.00 in per pupil cuts in funding for public education.

Governor Snyder’s home county news resource, Ann Head Editor Tony Dearing wrote an opinion-based article on May 22nd, calling for Snyder and state GOP leaders to cancel the cuts to public school funding, in light of a “newly found surplus” in the School Aid Fund.
“What’s wrong with this picture? The Michigan school aid fund has a surplus of more than $600 million and the state just found an additional $430 million in revenue that it wasn’t expecting. Yet massive cuts have been looming for public education”, Dearing wrote. 
“We understand that Gov. Rick Snyder inherited a $1.4 billion budget deficit and has had to make hard, unpopular choices in order to get the state’s financial house in order. But the amount that he originally proposed to slash funding for K-12 schools is too severe, and would cripple local districts at a time when education is more important than ever to the future well-being of the state”, Dearing stated. 
“We call on the Legislature to restore most of the funding that public schools would lose. At the same time, we call on local districts to do their part in balancing their budgets by tackling the kind of necessary cost-cutting that’s overdue”.
Candidate Rick Snyder lost his home county in the November 2, 2010 election to Democratic candidate Virg Bernero but, won a majority of the state by a 58.1 to 39.9% margin. Ann endorsed Snyder on October 24, 2010. Head Editor Dearing then wrote Snyder possessed the experience to improve Michigan’s K-12 public schools.
“Snyder’s campaign has been based on diversifying Michigan’s economy and making it competitive globally, while reforming taxes, making state government more efficient and responsive and improving our schools”, Dearing cited.
Currently, Governor Snyder and state GOP leaders’ proposals are being worked out in legislative conference committees before being sent upon the legislative floors for a final vote and on to Snyder for his signature.

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