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Friday, May 6, 2011

Gov. Rick Snyder, one less step away from destroying Michigan, as House GOP passes budget

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All but one Republican in the state
House jumped in line to vote for
Gov. Rick Snyder draconian budget
to destroy Michigan

The Michigan state House passed a state budget on Wednesday, May 4th. Cuts to Michigan K-12 education, that was not included in the budget the legislative body passed, will be voted upon within the week.

Voting along party lines, all but one House Republican and all Democrats disagreed with the majority, to cut $1.4 billion from general fund spending

The budget, $165 million less than Gov. Rick Snyder sought, does major damage to Michigan’s working citizens, poor residents, hopes to continue growing jobs with the film industry, city, townships and villages bus transportation services and closes a state prison facility. 

All together the state House pass budget:

• Closes the Mound Correctional Facility in Detroit.

• Eliminates $25 million in subsidies (Film Credit) for filmmaking.

• Cuts a $10-million appropriation to the Detroit Institute of Arts.

• Imposes 48-month limit on welfare benefits, for families, including receiving Medicaid benefits and food stamps.

• Cuts from $19 million to $10 million a clothing allowance for poor children.

• Cuts 34 state police.

• Cuts $20 million for local bus transportation systems.

The House approval represents more step toward Gov. Snyder's goal of a completed 2011-12 budget by May 31st. The Senate has approved its' budget version, but has yet voted on the sweeping tax plan that would slash C & S Corporations business taxes by $1.8 billion, tax pensions and eliminate a tax credit for low-income workers.
Reach Out Job Search Radio interviewed Dennis Pank II from Michigan Citizens United, the grassroots group organizing to recall Governor Rick Snyder (R). Listen to the interview where Mr. Pank answers some of your questions on what would be required to engage in a successful recall campaign, against Gov. Snyder, at this link.

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