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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Double petitions at kick-off rally to Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder caused confusion with attendees

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Attendees at Lansing, Michigan
rally to petition kick-off rally to
recall Gov. Rick Snyder, were
confused by a "People's Petition"
sheet, circulated by "Obama 2012"
Volunteers from the campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama in 2012, confused  potential registered voters supporting The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder approved official petition (see below). During Saturday, May 21st Kick-Off Rally for the Recall of Gov. Snyder, helpers with “Obama 2012” circulated another unofficial form called a “People’s Petition”.

Many attendees were witnessed asking if they should sign both the “People Petition” and Governor Rick Snyder (R) official recall petition, or just one.

Obama 2012” helpers were centrally located in the middle walkway of Michigan Lansing Capitol Building grounds, surrounded by a crowd estimated in the thousands. Dual rallies were held on Saturday, to support public education and Gov. Snyder’s recall campaign petition kick-off day.

Photo Credit-ROJS News
Picture of the official petition to recall
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R)
In contrast, circulators of the officially approved petition to place a recall election against Snyder on November 1, 2011 ballot, were encircled by the large crowd on the left hand side of the grounds, making those volunteers harder to locate.

It is unknown, at this time, if “Obama 2012” volunteers had full knowledge about the well-publicized “Kick-Off” campaign of Gov. Snyder’s recall petition. A large number of local news resources, including the Detroit Free Press, informed many Michiganders about “Kick-Off” rally, last week.

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