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Sunday, May 22, 2011

(VIDEO) Bernero, King speak at Gov. Rick Snyder recall petition kick off rally on 5.21 in Lansing, Michigan

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Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero and others
gather to protest Gov. Rick Snyder policy
proposals at Lansing, Michigan
Capitol rally 5.21.11
Up to 10,000 Michiganders ascended upon the Lansing, Michigan Capital building lawn in a rally to support public school education and official kick-off of the petition to Recall Governor Rick Snyder (R).

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Residents brought out signs to
express opposition to Gov. Rick Snyder
policy proposals at Lansing, Michigan
Capitol rally 5.21.11
Attendees were informed about proposals Governor Snyder has implemented, with the assistance of Michigan’s Republican-Controlled House and Senate, since being sworn into office on January 1, 2011. 
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Gov. Snyder's "Shared Sacrifice"
proposals weren't supported
at Lansing, Michigan Capitol
rally 5.21.11

Some most conversional of aspect of Snyder's budget and proposals include the Emergency Financial Manager (EFM Law), cutting public school funding to only $300 per pupil, imposing a state income tax on seniors’ petitions, while a $1.8 billion dollar tax cut to C and S based corporations.
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Protesters asked for "Merit Pay"
proposals for elected leaders first
at Lansing, Michigan
Capitol rally 5.21.11

Speakers at the event included UAW President Bob King and the former Democratic candidate for Governor in 2010, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

Mayor Bernero spelled out to the large crowd his version on what Governor Snyder and state GOP leaders’ goals with cutting funding to Michigan’s Public School systems.
“It is a question of values. It is the question of an agenda. What could the agenda be of folks whose number one goal is to cut public education?” Mayor Bernero asked. 
“In all the problems that we face their number goal is to cut you and, to cut the support for what our children need. There are two things that they want. Number one political clout and number two; money in the public school system,” he stated.

UAW President Bob King motivated attendees on how Americans in Michigan and nationwide need to engage in a social justice movement to preserve the middle class and support public education.
“If we want justice in America, there have to be a social justice movement, were people come out stand, fight and support each other. The pyridine too many Americans are buying into is wrong. We are not spending too much on education in America. We’re not spending too much on services to people. The truth is we should be demanding more.  We are not spending enough on education”, King stated. 
Photo Credit Required-ROJS News
UAW President Bob King speaks
to protesters at rally in Lansing,
Michigan on 5.21.11
“I don’t know about you, but I am angry that this Governor (Snyder) and Republicans nationality are stating we need to be more competitive but, they yet are cutting K-12 education and they are cutting our Universities, one of our greatest assets in Michigan”, he noted.
The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder, formerly Michigan Citizens United, volunteers at the event collected register voters signatures on the official “Recall Petition”. Recall circulator's from a number of  Michigan 81 counties had representation, including Allegan, Livingston, Bay, Washtenaw, Genesee, Oakland and Ingram, just to name a few. Potential signers lined up to sign the  
petition from the county were they were registered, on their voter’s registration card.

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Michigan voters expressed
Snyder deceivingly masked
himself as a moderate
Republican in campaign
at Lansing rally 5.21.11 
Mary Steinberg, 67, of Ingram County supports the recall. She believes Snyder’s policies are hurting Michigan and standards of middle class life, build over many years.
“As a lifelong Michigan resident, Snyder originally presented himself to the public as a moderate Conservative. Then less than one month after being elected to office, he wants to cut our public school systems, tax my pensions, have our cites took over by a person he appoints and on his call only. That is ridiculous!” Steinberg stated. 
"This is not the standards, in any form, Michigan should stand for. If Snyder wants to keep the power of our residents at the top of the food chain and corporation C.E.O.’s, he needs to go and I support this recall”, she noted.
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Protester with sign asked
where is up to 900 Million
dollars at in Michigan's
school aid fund at Lansing,
Michigan rally 5.21.11 
The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder has until August 5, 2011 to collect a minimum of 805,000 signatures or 25 percent total voters in the November 3, 2010 Michigan Governors' race . If the petition is successful, a referendum will be placed on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 ballot for an up or down vote, to keep Governor Snyder in office for the remainder of his term until January 1, 2015 or, to remove him from office.

According to Michigan State University’s State of the State survey released April 15th, 56 percent of those who offered an opinion in the February 12 to March 29 poll gave Rick Snyder either a fair or poor rating in his performance so far as Governor.

Photo Credit Required-ROJS News
Attendee to Lansing, Michigan 5.21.11
rally express how many Michiganders
feel about Gov. Snyder Policies, with sign
In contrast, former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) approval rating when she started out her tenure in 2003 at a much higher spot of 57 percent.

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