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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Benton Harbor Council pass resolution, declaring appointment of EFM Joseph Harris, unconstitutional

Photo Credit-Voice of Detroit
Benton Harbor City Council passed a
resolution to declare the appointment of
Emergency Financial Manager Joseph
Harris (Picture Above), unconstitutional.
(Benton Harbor, MI)-On Monday, May 2nd, in an act of patriotic defiance the Benton Harbor City Council declared by a 6-to-2 vote, that the takeover of their city by an emergency financial manager is unconstitutional
This is a act of solidarity for the small predominately African-American town, off of the shores of Lake Michigan. Last week, ROSJ News reported that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) though his recently passed Emergency Financial Manager law, gave new draconian powers to EFM Joseph Harris
Harris, initially appointed by former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D), had limited powers to oversee financial affairs for the city. With Snyder's updated EFM law, Harris took "one-man" non-elected official authority on April 15th, invalidated the elected Benton Harbor's City Council's right to vote on city governmental matters, took away their cell phones and only left the council the power to write, approve and vote on minutes, at monthly meetings.
“This is the first step in many to restore democracy in Benton Harbor and I am proud of the action their elected officials took last night. Our nation’s Declaration of Independence clearly states our government is instituted by the people and clearly this right has been violated," stated Heartland Revolution Co-Founder John Waltz. 
"Thus it is the duty of the citizens to bring an end to the unconstitutional takeover of Benton Harbor.” 
One Benton Harbor Commissioner, James Hightower, abstained on the resolution saying he thinks the law goes too far but blames the local government for everything that has occurred.
Ironically, Gov. Snyder plans on Saturday, May 7th @ 1pm to serve as the "Grand Marshall" for the annual Blossomtime Grand Floral parade, which will march though both Benton Harbor and its' city next door neighborhood across the bay St. Joseph, Michigan
Snyder is expected to be met by a large number protesters, including supporters and organizers of the Michigan Citizens United (MCU) grassroots campaign, to recall the Governor. 
MCU, who received approval of their recall language in a clarity hearing before the Washtenaw County Clerks Office on April 29th, plan on start collecting Michigan registered voters signatures, starting May 8th.

According to a May 2nd article on the Detroit Free Press, Governor Snyder responded from the states' Washington, D.C. office while overseen a new statue for former President Gerald Ford, that he takes the recall effort against him 'seriously' but don't believe it will be successful.
"It's part of the democratic process. People have their views and I take it seriously but I don't expect it to be successful," Snyder said. "I believe the majority of citizens support what I am doing."
Spokesman of Michigan Citizens United recall campaign against Governor Snyder, Dennis Pank II, will appear as a guest on our weekly Reach Out Job Search News Podcast on Blog Talk Radio Thursday, May 5th at 6:00 PM. Listeners can call in with questions on the recall, recent actions of Benton Harbor's City Council to declare EFM Joseph Harris one man rule unconstitutional and other matters impacting Michiganders at 347-934-0185.
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